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Mr. Volodin, Dnipropetrivsk:

 “For me, Novomedia has opened a window to the world of real, actual journalism. Of course, I haven’t immediately become a professional journalist (and I doubt I ever will, considering my age). But I have realized the significance of my personal presence in the information space, just like the Bible says, “let your light shine before others…“. And I do my best to convey this understanding to the young generation of Christians.”

Ruslan Skryshevskyi, Kyiv

In 2013, Novomedia...


In view of the political and social crisis in Ukraine, International Journalist Association Novomedia calls on its members and colleagues to follow these standards in their professional activities:

• demonstrate respect for territorial integrity of Ukraine and condemn any external infringement of the country’s sovereignty and independence;

• avoid rhetoric inciting interethnic hostility within the country;

• promote respect for political pluralism;

• workon-site,independentlysearchforreliabledata, circulate only verified...


During February 2014, students of twelve universities in Eastern Ukraine joined the professional tour of Novomedia Association. For students, Novomedia held workshops on the main aspects of working in online publications and presented The New Journalist study guide; for respective university departments and libraries, the Association prepared copies of the said book.



18 burning topics, reader friendly style, minimum of theory and maximum of hands-on information backed by years of experience of its nine authors. All of this is in the new book called NEW JOURNALIST. How to master the media profession. This study guide is an editorial project by Novomedia Association under the general editorship of Ruslan Kukharchuk. 

Below are the reviews by the first readers.

“The Association of Novomedia has managed to create something that has been missing lately — an introduction to journalism. The majority of the best text-books on the topic are...


Novomedia Association recognized fellow journalists whose dedicated work promotes eternal values. Nine editorial offices and media professionals received Novomedia Awards statuettes. 

The design of the award symbolizes modern urban life. Next to a skyscraper you can see a family, and a TV tower neighbors with a church building. Novomedia President Ruslan Kukharchuk noted in his speech that this statuette was the Association’s gratitude to the colleagues for their contribution in the coverage of timeless values.

"Novomedia Awards Ceremony is a "thank you" to...