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Novomedia Association recognized fellow journalists whose dedicated work promotes eternal values. Nine editorial offices and media professionals received Novomedia Awards statuettes. 

The design of the award symbolizes modern urban life. Next to a skyscraper you can see a family, and a TV tower neighbors with a church building. Novomedia President Ruslan Kukharchuk noted in his speech that this statuette was the Association’s gratitude to the colleagues for their contribution in the coverage of timeless values.

"Novomedia Awards Ceremony is a "thank you" to...


The largest specialized media event in the country, International Novomedia Forum, with all types of journalism represented – printed press, radio, TV, Internet – took place on November 15–17 this year at the Ukrainian House in Kiev. The first forum in this format was held in 2011. Since then, the event has been gaining momentum, aiming to be not only bright and memorable but, above all, useful.

"Mass media, journalism are social types of activity,” says Chairman of Novomedia Forum Organizing Committee Ruslan Kukharchuk. “Doctors have a golden rule: First of all,...


International non-governmental organization “Novomedia Journalists Association” declares its solidarity with all media workers who faithfully and competently perform their professional duties when covering protests in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine.

We condemn any unlawful violence against journalists.

We reiterate that according to the Criminal Code of Ukraine, preventing lawful professional activity of journalists is classified as a criminal offence.

We urge competent authorities to ensure...


On November 15-17, 2013 the Ukrainian House in Kyiv will be hosting International Novomedia Forum, the major media platform in the nation.

The participants will be presented with a diverse and intensive program: over 40 speakers, panel discussions, exhibitions, roundtables, talk shows, presentations, and a brand new Novomedia project – Journalism Career Fair. The central priority of the forum is advocating for high professional standards and Christian values in journalism.

Television panel will be represented by chief editors of mainstream channels, TV hosts and...


We recorded this interview with Ron Harris in March, 2011, in Nashville, Tennessee. It was during NRB Convention. Mr. Harris well-known radio journalist for many years. Also he  occupied the position of vice-president National Religious Broadcasters and head of NRB International Committee. Mr. Harris began interesting in broadcasting as a young boy. Started working in the college radio in 1966. Since that time he has seen a lot of changes in the industry and the business. 

Also Ron Harris worked with churches in producing radio and television being as the...