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Workers of the Novomedia Association will have the opportunity to meet up once again with like-minded people in media sphere. They will talk about current topics and share with experience accrued for the year of "separation" and they will have fun together. International Novomedia Forum is a platform for communication among professionals in the field of mass communication, is getting ready to be opened.

Forum will be in November 2- 4, 2012 at the Kiev Cinema House, which reopened the door for discussion of media people about new media and...


 We have been asked many times since the Christian conferences online and Club webmasters started, do we plan to organize practical courses for the IT theme. And then, finally, the first school opened up.

From March 17th to May 5th in Kiev IT School of Novomedia was held.  More than 20 students started the school but only 16 of them have finished. Everyone who passed the final exam received the certificate about practical skills of creation websites.

The material of school was designed for basic level of training.  In order to fully...


Association of Journalists, publishers, and speakers' “Novomedia” held school named “New Journalist” second time already from March of 24th to May 12. At this time special school program targeted such topics as: print and electronic publications.

"Students were studying for several months on Saturdays and it was just an experiment. Participants came only once a week, but they attended a lot of seminars and accomplished some practical and independent tasks, "- said Tatyana Pinchuk administrator of Novomedia Association.

All the lectures...


On December 22nd  graduates from Novomedia School named “New jornalist” were awarded with final qualification certificates. As they say that anyone have no regrets that during three months they have been diligently studying the very beginning of journalism. Ultimately many of them saying that the knowledge gained will stimulate them to action. After the certificates distribution, during the fourchette, everyone discussed the studying process. Some of them...


For over two months, several dozen students enrolled in the school called “New Journalist" from the Novomedia Association. Among youths, seniors, beginners and general practitioners, there were everybody who wishes to improve their journalistic skills.

Training in the school lasts three months, classes are being held twice a week. The purpose of the School is in the short term, to provide the necessary knowledge and practically teach those who wish to learn this profession.  The program chosen for school special, so that a new journalist receives an overall picture how to work...