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The joint project of the Association “Novomedia” and Ukrainian Universities “The religious literacy of secular media” continues to grow very fast. This time the meeting with the future media workers was held at the National University of Oles ‘Gonchar in Dnipropetrovsk.  

On the 22nd of December, Ruslan Kuharchuk, president of “Novomedia”, and Andrey Makarenko, who is a news leader on Channel 5 and a member of the Association held a special discussion for students in the journalism department. There were more than 70 students who gathered to listen to the speakers and the three...


The Official Website of the  Novomedia Association announcing three language site publishing.  As of now website of the organization will function in Ukrainian (administrative base), English and Russian languages.  Administrative base of Ukrainian version website is located  Mirroring version of the website also remains at the old address – 

This page contains all the loaded official documentation, presentations and corporate news, thematic articles and interviews....


December 10th, the Novomedia Association and the President Ruslan Kukharchuk held press conference at the National University of Taras Shevchenko in Lugansk. The meeting was focused on the special topic "Religious literacy for the secular journalists: a joint project of the Novomedia Association and Ukrainian Universities." Valentine N. Galich, Head of the Department of Journalism and Publishing, Professor, Doctor of Philology also took part at the conference.



The Novomedia Journalists Association held the 7th Annual journalist conference in Donetsk, Ukraine on November 5th and 6th. This conference gathered 130 journalists from all over Ukraine and guests from Russian Federation, Byelorussia and Latvia. Online broadcasting enabled 60 more journalists to take part in the conference.

Special Guests

The Novomedia president Ruslan Kukharchuk set the top aim of the conference to unite everyone’s efforts to create the christian informational infrastructure which consists of the people with the...


A unique training course took place in Kyiv, April, 7-10. It enabled the people from different countries and cultures to do the impossible - to create two 8 pages quality newspapers in 48 hours. Men and women from Dniepropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhya, Kryvoy Rog, Kyiv, Melitopol, Uzhgorod and from abroad (Krasnoyarsk and Yoshkar-Ola, Russian Federation and Rybnitsa, Moldova) gathered together to know how to do that.

Ruslan Kukharchuk, the Novomedia Association president, started started the first day. He spoke about the formats and concepts of magazines and...