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On November, 3-4th, the Nivki-hall in Kiev hosted over 350 journalists and media workers from all over the country. The 30 speakers from all media types joined them. This is a Novomedia Forum, a large-scale platform for professional implementation, a place of assembly of the media community based on professional standards and values.


The first...


Association "Novomedia" invites to participate in the discussion on the subject: "Hate speech: transformation of the definition and possible consequences". The event will be held on Wednesday, December 6, in Kyiv.

The discussion is devoted to the problems of protecting freedom of speech in the context of introducing the concept of "hate speech" in the information and legal...


In the evening of November 4th, the Novomedia Awards ceremony took place in the complex Nivki-hall. Journalists and editors received awards for competent coverage of Christian values in their materials. The event gathered more than two hundred guests.

The ceremony was conducted by Olga Nemtseva, she is a TV presenter on the "2 + 2" channel, and Eduard Glyoza, he is a TV presenter on the "First Business" channel. The legendary journalist and radio presenter on the BBC Russian Service, Seva Novgorodtsev, pleased the public with his musical...


Novomedia Awards is an annual campaign to select and award the best journalists and editors for competent coverage of topics of faith, religious life, Christian, moral and family values.

Monitoring and awarding take place in two nominations: "Systematic coverage of eternal values" and "Responsible Journalism".

 Throughout the year, experts from the Novomedia Association monitor TV channels, radio, newspapers and magazines, the Internet for the purpose of identifying media that promote the promotion of eternal values...


In October, the second Leadership Media Summit took place in the US state of Texas. The event was organized by MEDIAlliance International, headed by Dr. Ronald Harris. The Dallas Baptist University (DBU) accepted delegates.

Leaders and leaders of Christian media organizations from different countries flocked on the eve of the opening of the summit. On Sunday, they visited the First Baptist Dallas church, where there are more than 12,000 parishioners. An important goal of the international media was to study the experience of this community in the ministry...