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The Journalists Association “Novomedia” 

"The transformation of media returns the transformation of nation"


The Novomedia Association is the all-Ukrainian non-governmental journalistic organization. It was founded in 2004 on the initiative of journalist Ruslan Kukharchuk. The Association unites Christian journalists and other creative stuff of different media in two common ways: spiritual unity and professional interests.

For today, Novomedia  Association  includes about 200 members from secular and Christian media and has representatives in the majority of regions of Ukraine. There are also members of the community in Russian Federation, USA and Canada.

The head of Novomedia held meetings with the leaders of the Slavic media in California


Ruslan Kukharchuk, the president of The Journalists Association “Novomedia”, was in Sacramento, California with working visit from February 1st to 11th . The purpose of the trip is to establish business contacts and partnership with local media that works for the Slavic diaspora.

It is worth noting that more than 100,000 people from Ukraine live in the capital of California. In the appendage to them – a significant number of people who came from Moldova, Russia, Belarus and other republics of the former USSR. Therefore, there is a wide network of media resources in Ukrainian and Russian languages (mainly radio stations and newspapers).

On the first day the head of Novomedia visited the office of Afisha Media holding, met with its head David Ponomar. He also took part in the radio station Ethno FM. It was about the Ukrainian media and political context.

Communication with Sacramento radio listeners continued on the air and other stations. Ruslan Kukharchuk visited the studio of "Our Radio". Answered the questions of the presenter Irina Kitsin, talked about the work of Christian journalists of Ukraine. During the week, the head of Novomedia twice connected on the air by phone for praying at the beginning of the day. 

Meeting with Sergei  Ivannikov, the owner and head of the media holding RAM, was interesting and constructive. The holding publishes a magazine, a newspaper and an advertising and information catalog. In addition, this team holds annual major events for the Slavic diaspora - award ceremonies, political meetings in the Capitol, cultural thematic festivals and more. Ruslan Kukharchuk presented his American colleague with the book The New Journalist.

The advertising and information newspaper of this region Sacramento Weekly also cought the interest of Ukranian  guest. With the editor-in-chief of this publication and the site with the same name, Igor Aksenov, the president of the Ukrainian journalistic association met in the last days of his visit. They agreed to maintain a dialogue and establish an information exchange.

 In addition, Ruslan Kukharchuk took part in the following airs: IMPACT the television channel by the invitation of its president Yuri Chernetsky, radio program CityLifeRadio at the invitation of the pastor and presenter Sergei Golovey, as well as the radio broadcast of Gennady Sagun, which is broadcasted on the air of Portland.

 It is worth noting that a distinctive feature of the Slavic public media resources in Sacramento is that they are owned or managed by church people. Therefore, on the bands of print media and on the air of radio stations - regular sermons, prayer campaigns and news of the Christian life of the region.

 A special moment of the whole trip schedule was Ruslan Kukharchuk's participation in the constituent meeting of the Association of Christian Journalists of America. This format is initiated by a local television producer and presenter, a native of Kropiwnicki (Kirovograd area) Denis Chirka. The plan of joint initiatives of two friendly organizations of Ukraine and the USA has already been outlined.