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Here you can find 20 the most relevant topics, 15 authors, 4 demonstrative applications, 2 bonus interviews the well-known TV show hosts. And all of that can be found on 224 pages.

15 professionals with many years of experience in media worked to create the book “New Journalist”. Among them there were journalists and editors of such publishing offices as “New Time” and “Focus” and TV channels “Inter” and “1+1”, as well as media-managers, profile lawyers and heads of PR departments...


January 29, - the Chairman of the Novomedia Association Ruslan Kukharchuk was appointed to the Board of the Public Council at the State Committee of Television and Broadcasting of Ukraine. The decision was made based on the rating voting of the participants of the founding conference. 26 organizations (out of 37 applicants) were appointed to the Board. It is the second cadence of the Novomediaat this representative body.

February 7, - the 7th school “New Journalist” started. This year three new teachers joined us: Victoria Pokatis (a journalist...


They simply did their work, having added to daily information routine a little light and the true life. Their work was closely watched and defined the best ones. The Novomedia Awards 2015 was...


Aleksandra Agisheva (Boyarka) 

q1h7GurHlqA Novomedia Weekend was very important for me, because here I had an opportunity to talk on Christian topics. I received many practical advices regarding how to cover religious topics in Mass Media, and improved my quality of writing.  Here I...


Association "Novomedia" brought together more than 70 colleagues for the Christian Media Weekend. Among them members of Novomedia and new face of Christian media projects from 17 cities of Ukraine.


The main purpose of the event - to communicate, learn, share experiences, to pray for the media and to have nice rest in a pine...