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The Journalists Association “Novomedia” 

"The transformation of media returns the transformation of nation"


The Novomedia Association is the all-Ukrainian non-governmental journalistic organization. It was founded in 2004 on the initiative of journalist Ruslan Kukharchuk. The Association unites Christian journalists and other creative stuff of different media in two common ways: spiritual unity and professional interests.

For today, Novomedia  Association  includes about 200 members from secular and Christian media and has representatives in the majority of regions of Ukraine. There are also members of the community in Russian Federation, USA and Canada.

The brief review of the Novomedia Association activity in 2015


January 29, - the Chairman of the Novomedia Association Ruslan Kukharchuk was appointed to the Board of the Public Council at the State Committee of Television and Broadcasting of Ukraine. The decision was made based on the rating voting of the participants of the founding conference. 26 organizations (out of 37 applicants) were appointed to the Board. It is the second cadence of the Novomediaat this representative body.

February 7, - the 7th school “New Journalist” started. This year three new teachers joined us: Victoria Pokatis (a journalist of business portal Delo.UA), Lyubomyra Remazhevskaya (ex-editor of the “Industry’ department of Delo.UA), Irina Emets (ex- editor in chief).

February 16, - the Novomedia pro-club was held. A famous SMM manager Svyatoslav Batov was the speaker. He conducted a training of current importance about the basic advancement in Facebook. The listeners got to know about the basic secrets of SMM. Svyatoslav told how to promote oneself, business, ideas with the help of social networks.

February 21-22, - a strategic game “Ukraine 2020” was held. Ruslan Kukharchuk and Svyatoslav Batov were responsible for the media sector. The participants were set a task – to lead the country out of crisis, overcoming corruption and the conflict with the nearby country. The participants had to create enterprises, establish mass media, and choose the government bodies among themselves.

February 23, - the Chairman of the Novomedia Association visited the Zaporizhzhya State University on invitation of the Department of Journalism. The students of different faculties and courses gathered together for two-hour long lecture. Ruslan Kukharchuk has already conducted lectures at this University in 2012 and 2014. For this time he visited the students with the topic “Coverage of religious subjects in secular mass media”.

March 1, - the Novomedia Association started a campaign against TV programs with extrasensory individuals. The citizens of Ukraine as well as organizations, including the heads of the churches sent many claims to the office of the Association. The campaign against dominant influence of extrasensory individuals in mass media proceeds. We remind that the STB Channel took legal action over Novomedia Association where it required to refute the statement. The Novomedia Association refused to justify the pernicious influence of these programs.

March 26-27, - the All-Ukrainian Research and Practice Conference “Modern challenges for socially significant media activity” took place. Yulia Solokha, a coordinator of the Novomedia Awards ceremony, presented the ways how socially responsible journalism can be created. The event included presentations by about 50 students and young scientists, and also a round table with leading experts on different social issues. The aim of the Conference was to investigate media activity in regard to social problems, and the assistance of the media in its solution.

March 27-28, - the second Educational Festival of Children’s Animation took place in Kyiv. All animators, scenario writers, artists, specialists engaged in multi media process, gathered together. Altogether there were about 50 participants. Among the speakers we had: Irene Melnitchuk (a marketing director of the children’s TV channel “Plus Plus”), Eduard Akhramovych (a general producer of “Ukranimafilm” studio), Vladimir Lykov (a creator of the animation studio “Tunguru”) and others.

March 30, - Denis Semeniuk, the Head of Novomedia Internet Department conducted a web masters club. The meeting was dedicated to the following topics: “Trends 2015”, “Promotion spheres”, “Web design”, and also “What to do in crisis”.

April 25,  - an eight-hour seminar “Text. How to write without torments” was held. The participants got to know about the universal secrets of good text writing, learned how to create texts for a web-site and social networks, and also how to write about commodities and services. Zoya Nikityuk was a coordinator and one of the speakers. The other speakers included the Chairman of the Novomedia Association Ruslan Kukharchuk and the founder of  the “Word” studio Vladimir Bagnenko.

April 30, - a Novomedia Association board member Alexander Dzhusupov was appointed to the Board of the Public Council at the Ministry of Information Policy as a Novomedia representative.

May 1-3, - one of the most important Novomedia events – the Christian Media Weekend was held in Obukhov town. More than 70 colleagues gathered together. Among them there were Novomedia members and representatives of Christian media projects from 17 cities of Ukraine. The primary purpose of the event was to communicate, study, interchange experience, pray about mass media as well as to have a rest. The program of the Christian Media Weekend included seminars, discussions, fellowship, festive dinner, football, board games and photo sessions.

May 2, - the regular Conference of the International Public Organization Novomedia Association took place in Obukhov town (Kyiv region). During the Conference the President of the Organization and board members were elected. In accordance with the Statute the voting on these issues is done once in five years. It was suggested to re-elect Ruslan Kukharchuk to be the Chairman of the Novomedia Association, who had been at this position since 2004. The board members include also Svyatoslav Batov, Sergey Velbovets, Alexander Dzhusupov, Tatyana Kulikovskaya, Zoya Nikityuk, Tatyana Pinchuk and Denis Semenyuk.

May 22-24, - the XIII International Festival and Competition of Children’s and Youth Journalism “Press-spring on the Dnepr slopes” took place in Kyiv. The Information and Creative Agency “YUN-PRES” was the initiator of the event. The Kyiv Palace of Children and Youth met the young journalists from all regions of Ukraine and other countries. The young journalists got gifts from the NovomediaAssociation on “Press-spring” event.

May 25-26, -  about forty Сhristian media workers decided to leave their homes and set aside all businesses for few days to take a course called “TV Production and Media Management” from the experience speakers from the USA. The event was organized by the Novomedia Association together with MEDIАIliance International Organization. The course that included production and management was help in the center of Kyiv city. Among the participants there were journalists, stage-directors, editors, producers, video operators, other media specialists. The following speakers participated in the event: Stan Jeter, a CBN News Senior Producer, Mark Hentges, a titled filmmaker with more than thirty years of experience, Ron Harris, President of MEDIAlliance International Organization and Kurt Menzel, a leading specialist and consultant with more than 35 years of experience on the issues of leadership and management.

June 1, - a traditional summer picnic with the Kyiv Novomedia Association team was held near Dnepr river.

June 5, - the newly composed Novomedia Association board members conducted the first meeting. The Chairman of the Novomedia Association Ruslan Kukharchuk congratulated the colleagues on electing them on the leading positions and the coming Day of Journalist. After that he reminded the primary purposes and tasks of the Organization for 2015 and read out from the Statute the rights and duties of the leaders of different directions.

June 6, - on the Day of Journalist the Novomedia Association members and the students of the “New Journalist” school visited picturesque places in Legedzino and Buki villages. It is a good tradition for the tourists to travel in their professional holiday. Last year the travelers visited Vinnytsa city. This time the journalists chose a trip to the Legedzino village and Bukskiy canyon. Zoya Nikityuk, a coordinator of the Novomedia study programs became the initiator of the trip.

June 15, - a pro-club with Nikita Dobrynin, a popular TV and radio host was held. He told the audience how to become a good host of the programs. Also he shared a story about how he got job on the TV channels. For the first time the  pro-club was help in “Clock face” space. The participants asked the guest many questions. Certainly, everybody was interested how one can become a popular host.

June 22, we had another pro-club, for this time with Lyudmila Katysheva, the main director of the Project “Honey, we’re killing the kids” on the STB channel. Her visit was a surprising coincidence. The point is that Lyudmila is very often on business trips. She rarely has time and possibilities to visit such events. That Monday was her only day off between the trips, and also that day she had her birthday. So, the participants were double lucky to communicate with the master of living stories in an informal setting.

June 25, - a training regarding television news for the news service staff of the TV channel “Hope” that was conducted by the Novomedia experts Zoya Nikityyuk and Ruslan Kukharchuk was held. Except the Kyiv team, the managers of the regional studios also arrived to the training. There were about 20 persons on the meeting. Such trainings for the team with the purpose of the professional advancement is planned to be conducted several times a year.

June 26, - the international evangelist Franklin Graham thanked Ruslan Kukharchuk for help and support during the “Festival of Hope” in Lviv city. The Chairman of the  Novomedia Association headed the Media Committee of the great event that was help on “Arena Lviv” stadium. In the personal letter to Ruslan Kukharchuk President of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association wished him further success in his ministry.

June 29, -  the Novomedia presented the renewed brand of the key autumn event. Now the event has a bit different name – the Novomedia Forum. The aim of such renewed naming was to simplify perception of the brand, decreasing the amount of words. But in spite of the fact that a word “international” disappeared in the name, the “international”  status of the event continues to be and develop. Accordingly, the logotype of the Forum was changed. The corporate lilac color remained the key one in all visual brand stylistic.

August 31, - a Novomedia pro-club was held in an atmospheric club "Our Format". Pavel Pedenko, the head of 1+1 media web site development visited the Novomedia members. Denis Semeniuk, the head of NovomediaI nternet Department moderated the meeting. We started with introduction of ourselves and finished with the latest news of the media world, that Denis told us about. And after that, Pavel told about the Future Media Lab Project. It is a platform for development of new media productions, within the framework of which 1+1 media helps to realize new ideas of specialists. The matter concerns virtual reality of Big data, Second screen, Synhrinized Expirience.

September 18, - the eighth “New Journalist” school started. For the first time we had more men among the students. Also this time the students appeared to be older, almost all had profession and vital life experience. Except the journalists, the physicians, lawyers, philologists and managers study at the school.

From 12 to 21 October - several events with participation of Ruslan Kukharchuk with the purpose of adjusting of international connections were held in the USA. The Global Media Project Conference took place in New York. The colleagues from 30 countries gathered there together. President of the Novomedia Association Ruslan Kukharchuk presented there the Novomedia Association. The journalist also gave interviews on two radio stations in Portland: the Slavik Family and Radio 7. He was speaking about activity  of the international organization.

October 19, - a Novomedia Association board member Svyatoslav Batov was a Novomedia Association representative during electing a member of the Supervisory Board at the National Public Television and Radio Company of Ukraine. As the result of voting Tatyana Lebedeva became the member of the Supervisory Board at the National Public Television and Radio Company of Ukraine in the journalist sphere.

October 19, - a pro-club with participation of international journalist Alina Mosendz was held. In a very friendly atmosphere she shared her knowledge and experienced that she had got during many years of her work. After graduation of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy that she considers the best educational institution, where she had got very good knowledge and various practical skills, she worked in different mass media. Today Alina works as a correspondent in the UNN News Agency and also specialized on international news.

November  5-7, - the main event of the Novomedia Association – the Novomedia Forum was held. The best journalists of Ukraine discussed journalism in the conditions of hybrid war, the eternal values at work and role of mass media in positive changes inside the country. Almost 400 participants, more than 50 speakers, networking, sharp debates, master classes and rewarding of the best representatives of media community – this is a short description of the Novomedia Forum 2015.

November 6, - within the framework of the Novomedia Forum the final contest of video works “Participate in changes” took place. The students of the children’s TV Agency “The 33th TV channel” from Khmelnytsk town participated in it. A competent judge chose the winners and rewarded them. Also the participants had a master class from Konstantin Melnik, a stage-director, music video director and the founder ‘Kipyatok Production” studio as a bonus.

November 7, - the awarding ceremony Novomedia Awards 2015 was help in the hotel complex “Tourist”. The festive event took place within the framework of the international Novomedia Forum. Eight best editorial offices and journalists got the diplomas and statuettes “Eternal values in mass media”.

November 21, - the team who prepared the Novomedia Forum had an after-party together. The meeting was conducted in accordance with the invitation of the Chairman of Organizing Committee. 

November 30,  - a pro-club with Marina Boryspolets, a correspondent of NTN channel, the program “Wintess” was held. The participants were interested how she, a young journalist, gets along at the sharp subjects of plots as well as stresses related to the difficult situations in the people’s lives. What role plays a journalist in such case? Is it possible to influence society and change processes or it is enough just to inform the general public? Marina gave some examples from her professional experience, and  how a journalist can help the heroes who found themselves in difficult life situations, while not abandoning indifferent law enforcement authorities.

In November the Association updated the unique textbook called “The New Journalist” from “Novomeda”. Some new sections were added to the book. Also the authors added more examples and useful information to their chapters. The book was completely prepared to printing. The textbooks will be printed in the beginning of 2016.

December 6, - on the initiative of Novomedia the National prayer about mass media took place at the churches of the country. They prayed that Christian values would become basic ones in the work of the journalists and media workers, especially in the information war-time. And as Novomedia members consider, only in this case the mass media could become safe.

Totally during the year we had:

Business meetings of the team - 14

Informal ones - 3

Pro-clubs - 9

New members who joined us - 29

Press-center Association “Novomedia”