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The Journalists Association “Novomedia” 

"The transformation of media returns the transformation of nation"


The Novomedia Association is the all-Ukrainian non-governmental journalistic organization. It was founded in 2004 on the initiative of journalist Ruslan Kukharchuk. The Association unites Christian journalists and other creative stuff of different media in two common ways: spiritual unity and professional interests.

For today, Novomedia  Association  includes about 200 members from secular and Christian media and has representatives in the majority of regions of Ukraine. There are also members of the community in Russian Federation, USA and Canada.

Moral authorities of journalizm. The Novomedia Awards 2015 was handed


They simply did their work, having added to daily information routine a little light and the true life. Their work was closely watched and defined the best ones. The Novomedia Awards 2015 was got by 8 journalists and editorships - for reporting eternal values in mass media. Traditionally the award is got by representatives of all types of media: television, radio, printed and online editions.

Inter TV channel got the award for systematic reporting of eternal Christian values on television. In the program “Morning with Inter” there is a heading "Faith" where the Christian view of events and life issues is regularly reported.

Dnepropetrovskiy journalist from STB TV channel Olga Volynskaya was received the award for responsible journalism. At that time the pregnant woman went to hospital named byMechnikov where wounded fighters from the Donetsk airportwere brought. Many of them were in a serious health condition, each of them having not an easy life story. Olga made a plot about the chaplain who served cyborgs and there, in the airport, got a severe wound. One of a story heroes says: " It is difficult to survive without God's Word, his Word is more important even than a fighting set". 


"We were trying to save our journalist from psychologically complicated shootings as she had been already pregnant by then. But she was crying at night, praying for them, and went shootings to hospital in the morning”, - editor of the “Vikna” program on STB Irina Zaslavets explained during a ceremony.

The Internet was blown up by a frank article in the “Pink”magazine where the girl told how she became pregnant during a cancer treatment and how she came to a decision to keep the child, having refused abortion. Journalist Anastasia Kasyan got “Novomedia Awards” statuette for this material . "Each journalist has the subject which disturbs him, - Anastasia tells during a ceremony.- For me such a subject is abortions. I had spent a lot of time to explain to people how to decide to keep a child why it isn't necessary to break off pregnancy. And then I came to a decision to tell positive stories. I’m telling real stories when people, overcoming difficult circumstances, give a birth to a child. For example, a woman having diagnosed "cancer" has an opportunity to think why don't refuse abortion? I hope for such effect".

The work of Sumy journalist Irina Vertikova was marked. She systematically publishes materials about religious life of the region in the Sumshchina newspaper, objectively reporting various Christian confessions.


“Modern Times of the Country” magazine rushed into Ukrainianmedia space only recently. However, the team which began it,consists of skilled professionals. No wonder that it has already been honoured getting many awards from the very beginning. “Novomedia Awards” made special mention of this edition for a cover and a topic of the issue "Moral authorities of the nation".There are famous priests who make influence on the spiritual authority of all the nation among the heroes of the material.


Journalist of the newspaper “ Segodnya” Anastasia Belousova  got one more statuette.

She wrote the material "How a Man should Love a Woman She would Obey Him" by St.Valentine's Day. The article gives a view on the conflicts in a family, how to show love to the woman.Three priests are sharing their opinions. The edition usually takes comments exclusively from representatives of orthodox church. This time the journalist persuaded the editor to add opinion of the Protestant pastor and Catholic priest.

"The best material for the journalist when he finds answers to questions which he is interested in. I got an answer which I was interested in, - announced from the stage Anastasia Belousova. - According to the Scriptus, a woman has to submit to the man who follows God. If he follows God, so he will care of the woman as Christ cares of the Church". These words broke an audienceapplause.


The Ukranian radio was made special mention for a forty minutes program of "DonbasUA". It is the only program on the radio which is devoted only to Donbas problems. The award was given for the issue "Religious freedom in the anti-terrorist operation zone: prosecution by the pro-Russian fighters of all "adherents". It is known that in captivity of fighters, so-called DNR / LNRthere are priests and chaplains. There is a selective relation to confessions. This problem was discussed on TV. This issue wasmade special mention and got an award.

The last award was received by thematic issue on forgivenesstopic in the “Out of a Context” program on "Radio News". The award was got by program presenters Alexey Zarakhovich and Konstantin Doroshenko. "It is very important to remember that there are eternal values. The program is not religious, but our time demands priests and doctors. And as for journalists, for them the main principle is not to do much harm. It means - to think what you speak, and to believe in what you speak", - radio presenters noted.


“Novomedia Awards” ceremony is annual. Within a year Novomedia Association experts investigate media space of Ukraine and mark out journalists and editions in several thematic nominations for reporting eternal Christian values. 



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