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On Sunday, in the framework of Novomedia Awards ceremony, distinguished media professionals received awards for covering Christian values in their materials. This year, 7 editorial offices and journalists were awarded, including Yedinstvennaya and Focus magazines, online public television channel Hromadske TV, as well as Novyi Kanal and STB national TV channels.

Particularly, journalists of Abzats program at Novyj Kanal (New Channel) covered their conversation with chaplains, who were ministering in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) zone. Notably, as of now there is no...


In early 2008 he wrote his first letter to me — an invitation to a Journalism Conference in the Czech Republic. A few months later in May Arne Fjeldstad and I met in person for the first time.  Three delegates from Ukraine and a few dozen from all over Europe gathered together in Prague at his invitation. 

By then Arne had been head of The Media Project (TMP) for a couple of years. Its mission is to help sociopolitical journalists around the world get a handle on religious topics and provide good coverage thereof. To see that become reality as head of TMP he worked hard around...


October 8, 2004 was a date when all-Ukrainian Non-Government JournalistsAssociationNovomedia was officially founded. That day, the founder of the organization RuslanKukharchuk and a Board Member Andrey Makarenkoreceived the certificate ofNovomedia registration in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. It was an exciting moment, since a big dream was becoming reality through the first small practical achievements. 

Since then, for the past decade Novomedia team hasworked hard in the field of mass media. "Our motto did not change: "Transformation of Media → Transformation of Society...


Dear Members of the Novomedia Association!

Ten years ago, on October 8,2004, weobtained the certificate of state registration of Novomedia Association as an all-Ukrainian journalists’ NGO. It was an exciting moment when the big vision started to materialize in our small but persistent practical steps.

Since then, we have been working together in mass media for a decade. Our motto remains unchanged: “Transformation of the society through the transformation of mass media”. Our mission is constant and it is to support journalists and to assist the church.

The media...


Journalists, scholars, theologians and civic activists from various regions of Ukraine came together at research and practical conference “Revolution, War and Church in the Media Dimension”. The event took place on September 10th in downtown Kyiv, at Khreschatyk hotel.

The title of the conference reflects the historic events Ukraine has been going through since November 2013: the EuroMaidan, then the Revolution of Dignity, later – the annexation of Crimea, and now – the war in Donbas.