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The Journalists Association “Novomedia” 

"The transformation of media returns the transformation of nation"


The Novomedia Association is the all-Ukrainian non-governmental journalistic organization. It was founded in 2004 on the initiative of journalist Ruslan Kukharchuk. The Association unites Christian journalists and other creative stuff of different media in two common ways: spiritual unity and professional interests.

For today, Novomedia  Association  includes about 200 members from secular and Christian media and has representatives in the majority of regions of Ukraine. There are also members of the community in Russian Federation, USA and Canada.

Overview of Novomedia Association Activities in 2014


Novomedia spent the whole year 2014 under the sign of its 10th Anniversary. Even the logo of the Association featured the ten. All the events, meetings, conferences and the university media tour were dedicated to this anniversary.

On January 13th the first meeting of the team Novomedia on which organizational and financial report was presented on the activities of the organization for the previous year.

On January 27th participants of the first pro club Novomedia planned the year together with the chief editor of the site ‘Flymama’ and coach on time management Elena Lagovskaya in Kiev ‘Chasopise’. Let us recall that the pro-media thematic clubs are held once a month.

On February 1st launched a fifth school ‘new journalist’ from Novomedia. In which students became familiar with one another, with their rights and responsibilities in the learning process in schools and attended the first lectures. Among the students were young journalists, and beginners who wanted to learn a new profession.

On February 6th president of the Association Novomedia Ruslan Kukharchuk began his Ukrainian tour to universities from Cherkassy ‘Bohdan Khmel’nyts’kyi’ National University. At the meeting with the students he presented his new textbook ‘The New Journalist’ and held a master class about the features of Internet publications. In addition, students briefly acquainted with the activities of the Association Novomedia.

On February 12 – 13th within the university tour Zoya Nikitiuk, dean of the curriculum Novomedia, visited the college students of Halytsky University in Ternopil and Zhytomyr State University. The theme of the meeting was: ‘Secrets of a Successful Interview’. In addition, the students learned about the Association Novomedia, the annual autumn International Forum Novomedia and got a fresh tutorial from media experts – ‘The New Journalist’.

On February 13th, continuing Ukrainian tour to institutions of high education, Ruslan Kukharchuk visited the students of ‘Publishing and Editing’ specialty in ‘Vinnichenko’ Kirovograd State Pedagogical University.  And on February 17th he met the students in the Department of Mass Communication of ‘Honchar’ Dnipropetrovs’k National University.  Both meetings were workshops about the features of Internet publications. However, students were familiar with the textbook ‘New Journalist’.

On February 17th legal ‘educational program’ for the media people became a regular meeting of the Association of pro-club Novomedia. The representative of ‘Institute of Media Rights’ Igor Rozkladay came to them. Moderator of two-hour discussion on ‘Are there any Rights of the Ukrainian Journalists?’,the chief editor of the women's edition Olga Bidnenko, a Novomedia member was also there.

On February 18th, the very next day after the meeting with the students in Dnepropetrovsk, the head of Novomedia went to the students to Zaporizhya and held workshops on the features of Internet publications in National  Zaporizhya and Classical Private University. In Zaporizhia Ruslan was expected, it was not his first visit. Head of the department of journalism Viktor Kostiuk personally told the students about the activities of Novomedia and said that its existence is important for the formation of an objective view of the processes taking place in society, unbiased media members.

On February 19th it was the turn of Luhans’k. For the ‘profile’ students of Luhans’k State Academy of Culture and Arts  as well as ‘Shevchenko’ Luhansk National University the head of Novomedia held a master class on Internet journalism and granted "The New Journalist" book to the University library.

On February 20th Ruslan Kukharchuk visited two universities in Donetsk. He held a master class about the features of online journalism for the students of Donets’k National University and Donets’k Social Institute of Education, traditionally he introduced the students and the leaders of the University to ‘The New Journalist’ book and presented a copy to the establishment.

On February 25th university tour continued the trip to Sumy. Chairman of the Association Novomedia taught on online journalism for the students of Sumy State University and met the modern university library and updated almost three million book library of Sumy State University. The very next day it was registered in the electronic catalogue under the title ‘a rare book’.

On February 26th the Chairman of the Association conducted a master class profile ‘Creating a media holding’. So was called the theme of the master class in students’ press release in ‘V.G. Korolenko’ Poltava National Pedagogical University. In the same town was held the meeting with pastors of Christian churches on the topic of cooperation with the local media.

On February 27th Chairman of the Association Ruslan Kukharchuk visited students in Kharkiv. At the Department of Journalism of Kharkiv National University  he presented his new manual ‘The New Journalist’ and gave a lecture on the conditional topic: a short course on ‘How to become a media mogul’. Novomedia has been familiar with the ‘Karazin’ Kharkiv University for a long period of time. Balaklitskiy Maxim taught at the Department of Journalism of the Association Novomedia. Mr. Balaklitskiy attended the meeting with the students.

On February 28th, under the command of media tour Novomedia staying with the students of the Institute of Journalism of Kyiv International University. TV presenter Alexander Dzhusupov and Ruslan Kukharchuk shared their professional experience with future specialists in media sphere. In particular Alexander spoke about the integration of the television and the Internet, the use of social networks in the work of a media worker.

On March 11th President of the association Novomedia Ruslan Kukharchuk visited Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts with a special lecture ‘The Internet Journalism’. Students could hear about some practical advice on creating your own media in the Internet. That was also a presentation of the book ‘The New Journalist’. The students interested in it as well as the lecture itself. Multiple instances on behalf of the Association of University Library Ruslan presented and a greater number of students could read this book.

March 12th was spent at ‘Boris Hrinchenko’ Kiev University. The head of Novomedia Ruslan Kukharchuk recalled his future colleagues that honesty is the main weapon of a journalist. Master class moved into an interactive conversation, which was recorded on video in a talk show.

March 14-15th the students took part in the Festival of Children's animation for the very first time. Participants learned to create good, positive and modern cartoons. The event was organized by the ‘Island’ animation studio. The Novomedia Assosiation (The Medialand Project) and the company Pilgway were the coordinators of the project. The speakers were: Director Svetlana Kulchitskaya, animator of the Association "Emmanuel" Alexander Vlasenko, Honored Artist of Ukraine, actor-animator Yuriy Kovalenko (The Book of Records of Ukraine says that he is able to play more than 240 voices and sounds), head of the studio announcer's ‘Light in the East’ Liudmila Maximenko and the head of the studio ‘Island’ Vladimir Makovetskii. Special presentation of the 3D coat program did the worker Daniel Yarmak. Special guest of the Festival of Children's Educational animation became David Yanovich Cherkasky. Recall that the gift for all attendees were licensed software 3Dcoat this company. Event organizers sought to bring eternal Christian values in the children's media content, because it can seriously edify the lives of the young viewers.

March 17th creator of the project ‘For the clean air’ Margo Hontar on pro-club Novomedia talked about how to identify the fake news and not to yield to provocations and win the information war. Margo Hontar is a freelance journalist and co-organizer of Ukrainian web project ‘Stop Fake’ which aims to expose the false reports about Ukraine in the Russian media.

March 17th baton student tour took Kiev ‘Taras Shevchenko’ National University. Chairman of the Association Novomedia Ruslan Kukharchuk visited him and told him the secrets of online journalism. Students learn about how they can easily become owners of one or more of the media, as well as with what it takes to start working as a journalist.

March 31st Novomedia visited the town of Rivne. Chairman of the organization Ruslan Kukharchuk within media tour was with the students of ‘ International Economics and Humanities University and presented his textbook ‘The New Journalist’. He told the reporters about the future of current trends in the information field, and wished to be peacemakers.

March 31st Chairman of the Association Novomedia Ruslan Kukharchuk presented a practical guide ‘The new Journalist’ and gave a master class on Internet journalism for students in the room of the Scientific Library of the National University of ’Ostrog Academy’. During the meeting the students had an opportunity to learn ‘How to master the media occupations’, they communicated with Ruslan Kukharchuk and ask questions.

April 1st at ‘Lesia Ukrainka’ Institute of Philology and Journalism Eastern European National University  in Lutsk was a discussion with the students. Chairman of the association Novomedia Ruslan Kukharchuk met with the students and spoke on ‘Journalism’ and ‘Publishing and Editing’ and dealt with the Internet edition, advantages and disadvantages of working journalists in the World Wide Web.

April 2nd similar meeting with students was held in ‘Ivan Franko’ Lviv National University. When briefly introduced the students to the activities of the Association Ruslan Kukharchuk presented ‘The New Journalist’ book. In the next part of the meeting the lecturer spoke about the Internet journalism as a platform for rapid professional growth. He shared his observations and ideas, and also gave valuable advice.

April 4th Chernivtsi National University took a guest who has an extensive experience in the newspaper and on television, the author of three books - Ruslan Kukharchuk. In high school, he came to represent a new textbook for the students, an indispensable book for young journalists. He also read a special lecture on ‘The Internet Journalism’, from which the present learned practical advice on creating your own media on the Web. Ruslan talked about curiosities of his professional activity, shared his impressions, which took place when he moved into television journalism, and about the challenges he faced in the performance of professional duties. Also, students sounded a lot of questions about lighting Christian themes in the secular media.

April 12-13th, passed one of the most important annual events - Christian Media Weekend. This is a conference for the Christian media people. This time the event was dedicated to the opening of the mission and ministry through the profession, as well as finding solutions to the socio-political crisis in Ukraine with the help of the media. The speakers were: Alexander Onkar, God TV producer; Taras Omel’chenko, ProActive FM director; Boris Pelekh, sound channel CMB; Andrew Dolganov, coordinator of international evangelistic site; Taras Semeniuk, Channel 5 reporter and a member of the Catholic media center. The program has also been opened for discussion on the topic of ‘social crisis and the role of journalists believers’.

April 12th was celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Novomedia Association The festive evening was held in the Ukrainian ethnic style. The program includes competitions, songs, guest appearances, competition of ‘vyshivanka’ (Ukrainian national T-shirt) and dresses in contemporary Ukrainian style, references to key events held in the past ten years of existence Novomedia. The evening was ended with a charity auction. Funds from the sale of Novomedia relics were passed to former Novomedia worker widow that lives in Sevastopol’. In conclusion, there was a general prayer for Ukraine, as it was in those days  militants began capturing the first cities in the Donbass.

April 13th Christian Media weekend as a result of the discussion a new strategy was born as a respond to the difficult situation in Ukraine. The result of the discussion was the resolution of the conference, which can be read here. In this document, Christians journalists called the members of the organization and all the colleagues in their professional activities required to adhere to certain guidelines.

April 16th, despite the tumultuous events in the region, Mechnicov Odessa University joined the all-Ukrainian Novomedia tour . Chairman of the Association Kuharchuk met with the students of the Faculty of Journalism, advertisment and publishing. The Guest told the students about the features of Internet publications and talked with the students.The audience was attended by about 40 participants.

April 17th Chairman of the Association Ruslan Kukharchuk visited two universities in Mykolayiv. The Interregional Institute of Human Development at the ‘Ukraine’ University and the College of the press and television. There Ruslan had to give a master class on online journalism to present the manual "new journalist". He held a conference with the students and answered their questions on the subject of television.

April 18th southern phase of the tour ended in Kherson State University. Meeting with students, journalists KSU held in the Ukrainian media tour, which included visits to specialized institutions of higher education, as well as meetings with media members, churches and regional Novomedia members.

April 24th Novomedia Association supported a unified code of journalistic ethics. Thus how Novomedia members supported ethical standards set out in the document. Prior to this, the members of the Novomedia text sent for review. In response, received letters consent. We should remind that in Ukraine are considered to have at least two valid codes of journalistic ethics.

On April 28th ‘Magazine’ Art Café participants pro club Novomedia discussed with an expert in strategic communications Vasiliy Miroshnichenko theme ‘Evil Day Ukrainian Journalism’, and also reviewed the work of the crisis Ukrainian media center (which he was a co-founder in March 2014 year). Guest also provided professional advice on the resolution of the Novomedia Association, dedicated to the latest developments in the country.

May 5th Novomedia organization appealed to the leaders of STB TV channel with a request to close the program: ‘Battle of psychics’ and ‘The investigation are held by psychics’ The main reason - a negative impact on the public consciousness. The letter noted that broadcasting such programs, the channel violates a number of articles of the Law of Ukraine ‘On Television and Radio’, ‘On Advertisment’, ‘On the basis Ukraine's national security’. On this basis, Novomedia requests to stop running and broadcast these programs.

May 16-17th, International Association of Journalists Novomedia for the second time took part in the festival - competition junior journalism "Press-spring on Dnieper slopes" in Kiev Palace of Children and Youth. Growing up there gathered journalists from all over Ukraine. "Novomedia" initiated special categories - "For the illumination of spiritual values." This year "Novomedia" chose four works. Authors of the materials received certificates and books "New Journalist. How to master the media occupations "as a gift. A special surprise for the participants was a master class from novomediyschika TV presenter Alexander Dzhusupova (New Channel program "Passage"). First of all, Sasha told about the features of the format "Entertainment", the work of a journalist in the frame and the importance of interaction in the team. Participants reviewed the videos and ask questions.

May 19th guest pro club "Novomedia" was Julia Savostinane not accidental. Firstly, in his mid-30s she has already visited the head of the rating of TV channel "2 + 2", start their own business and become the owner of the prestigious PR-agencies of Ukraine. And, secondly, it is - a popular blogger with a 35-thousand audience of readers. She told the secrets of blogging and answered questions from participants.

June 6th - the Day of the journalist, filmed commercials ‘novomediyschiki’-wishes to the modern media. Among the main message: the safety of journalists during operation; cleaning media content from violence, pornography and the occult materials; for the availability of content on the Internet safe for children; against the ‘jeans’ in the media; for peacemaking and against ethnic hatred; against the pursuit of dirty sensation; against the fake news; for the integrity and objectivity.

June 6th in ‘Taras Shevchenko’ park in Kyiv an action was held ‘Say your word to the journalist’. Association Novomedia initiated an informal survey of people of Kiev on the Day of the journalist. All requests have been published on the organization's website and social networks.

On the16th of June, the profi-club with the deputy of chief editor of ‘New time’ Andrei Smirnov.

August 18th the pro-club was Dmitry Gorshkov, a correspondent of the Kiev office "AFP." He talked about the features of the agency and journalistic activity during combat operations in Ukraine. Dmitry Gorshkov also said that during the tumultuous events in Ukraine in Kyiv bureau worked three journalists, and as he says - about Ukraine barely wrote 200 words a day. But during the conflict, in particular, in Kyiv, in the office of Agence France-Presse, 60 square meters. m were living and working already to 20 reporters.

On September 10th in the city center, the hotel "Khreschatyk" gathered journalists, scientists, theologians and social activists from different parts of Ukraine on scientific and practical conference "Revolution, War and the Church in the media." Conference title reflects historical events, beginning in November 2013: Euromaidan, dignity Revolution, the annexation of the Crimea, and now - fighting in the Donbas. The purpose of the meeting was the need to analyze and summarize all of these processes, to formulate future prospects, as well as to explore the factor of the Church and the media factor, which are becoming increasingly influential in this process. The event was organized by the Association of Journalists "Novomedia" social movement "Together" and the partner organization The Media Project.

On September 15th pro-club Novomedia visited guests from ATO and Colonel Vladislav Seleznev. It was about the war and his work, the work of journalists during a military conflict on the impact of media on society. The Speaker shared reflections on the main aspects in the work of volunteers and verified the information.

On September 20th ‘The New Journalist’training in the six schools was begun. The new comers had to listen to a few topics and get to know the rules of training. This time among 20 students - eychary, linguists, designers, lawyers, lawyers, historians, students of different faculties and graduate students.

On the 26-28th of September to Slavutich (Kyiv region) arrived young correspondents, students from all over Ukraine at the International Festival of Children's democracy, television, press and creativity. Fest was held under the slogan ‘I want to see the world happy’. Association Novomedia could not miss such an event. Therefore ‘novomediyschiki’ sent a photographer who helped the organizers and was a member of the jury - Paul Gladkov.

On October 11th in the center of the capital of Christian Association of Journalists Novomedia held a street action ‘Truth wins’. The main theme of the event was the issue of information warfare. One of the organizers of Maria Kurbatova noted that the purpose of the campaign was to remind people - in the media, there are true and false, to be able to recognize. Passers-by have participated in the program, left their advice, and the children in the pictures portrayed that they have the truth and a lie.

On October 20th Association Novomedia took part in the pro-club Lydia Markovich on ‘Powerful Words’. The participants asked questions Speaker, exercises, practiced correctly put accent and of course made some mistakes. Also the grateful listeners were able to leave their phone numbers and e-mails to further raise the level of broadcasting. At the end, the pro-club participants made a general picture.

On October 24th, President of the Association Novomedia Ruslan Kukharchuk gave a lecture at the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts. First-year students specialty ‘Journalism’ and ‘Publishing’ listened to a master class on ‘Managing media projects’. He listed the main recommendations for those who in the future want to manage their own media project. Writing down all the items at the end of the lecture, students filled the speaker thematic issues.

On November 7-9th was held the second main event of Novomedia - International Forum Novomedia. More than 200 tons of delegates, among them - journalists, bloggers, editors, media technicians, and students of media faculties. Among the 40 speakers - well-known media managers and experts from well-known Ukrainian mass media, as well as foreign visitors. 3-day event was held 40 lectures in various fields of media. The event was also held unit for young media people. At the end of the Forum held a gala evening dedicated desyatileyu, the Forum did not forget about the exhibitions and presentations.

On November 9th - special event happened: the award ceremony Novomedia Awards. Diploma, a statuette for ‘Eternal Values in the media’, as well as special gifts received seven of the best editors and journalists. Star guests of the event - participants show program: Vyacheslav Rybikov, winner of the ‘New Wave’; Shanice the finalist of the TV project "Voice of the country"; ballet "Narnia", world champion Irish step; singer Roman Vashchuk and others.

On December 7th at the initiative of Novomedia in the churches of the country was held a national prayer for the media. Prayed to Christian values became basic to the work of journalists and media people, especially during the information war, only in this case, the media will be safe; for God's protection in extreme work conditions.

On December 15th Novomedia members and pro-club visitors decided to spend in the company of TV presenter and actor-teacher Kirill Andreev. He spoke about the public speaking skills, shared subtleties of dramatics and showed some practical exercises. Given their Christian beliefs, the teacher brought a lot of examples of professional life and ministry of Jesus Christ.

On the 24-29th of December was a press tour Novomedia to Israel at the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel. The tour took business communication in Tel Aviv with media consultant Ariel Ben Feller (PR-agency Peer&Levin) and other media people. Participants shared their experiences and specificity of the media in the two countries. They met Mr. ZVI Rav-Ner, Deputy Director of Eurasia Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel. During this time, members of the delegation also visited the historical biblical city. This journey will help employees better navigate the Christian media in the context of biblical events during the preparation of journalistic materials.

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