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The Journalists Association “Novomedia” 

"The transformation of media returns the transformation of nation"


The Novomedia Association is the all-Ukrainian non-governmental journalistic organization. It was founded in 2004 on the initiative of journalist Ruslan Kukharchuk. The Association unites Christian journalists and other creative stuff of different media in two common ways: spiritual unity and professional interests.

For today, Novomedia  Association  includes about 200 members from secular and Christian media and has representatives in the majority of regions of Ukraine. There are also members of the community in Russian Federation, USA and Canada.

#Novomedia18 educated new methods of Christian ministry through Mass Media


Spreading the gospel and Biblical values without the tools of mass communication and the media, seems impossible nowadays. How to do it better and more effectively - was the subject of the annual "Television, radio, online mediaconference 2018”, based by the Novomedia Association (Ukraine) and MEDIAlliance International (USA).The event took place on March 22nd-24th, in the center of Kiev and gathered more than 150 Christianmedia reformers from different cities of Ukraine, as well as USA and Moldova.

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 "I am personally convinced that the mass media was in God’s global plan and appeared in order to bring the Gospel to the ends of the earth.Therefore, every time you shoot a thematic video, create texts, replicate the truth, you do a charitable thing for God.The main thing, though: do not spoil the excellent content with a bad form, " exhortedthe president of Novomedia Association,Ruslan Kukharchuk, in his opening speech.

Among the American team of speakers were, already beloved buy many Ukrainians, Dr. Ron Harris, and Wes Ward with his son Graham, TV crew with extensive experience in secular and Christian companies, as well as Gary Longneker and John McKinnon. John Carly and his wife Anya were in Ukraine for the first time. A special guest of the conference was Gil Stricklin, leader of the service "Chaplains in the workplace". Ruslan Kukharchuk, Leonid Bratanchuk and Cyril and Anastasia Kolpakovich, presented Ukrainian side of the forum.

After introducing the American speakers, Ron Harris addressed the participants:"Tell the truth through your media resources, make it meaningful and don’t be boring.If you are not interested in what you are doing, who will be interested in it, then? Good news bring joy and hope, we just need to learn how to communicate it by all available methods."

The intense three-day program consisted of general morning and evening sessions, as well as thematic blocks - video production, social network andinternet, andradio streaming.

Although the seminars were divided into thematic units, the themes were intertwined with each other based onnew media trends- the mixture of styles and non-standard approach.For example, traditional radio broadcasting intensively moves to internet format, while also can be turned into video live; text however, is used in video clips and social media. Media experts were looking for new, creative approaches considering all possible means of mass communication and digital technologies. In addition, speakers offered various useful and affordable media services for non-profit organizations and churches.

The television block turned into a shooting pavilion, where Harry Longenecker and John McKinon (In Touch Ministries) were training the audience to shoot stories, testimonies and interviews. Besides the theory, participants of video session, in the team performed tasks, tried to work in the shot, set up the sound and lighting, studied everything about post-production and even made films.

The radio session uncovered how to win and hold thelisteners, by the expert speech ofWes Ward (Harvest Bible Chapel Granger) and Ron Harris (MEDIAlliance International).Not only elderly or blind people are considered to be the potential radio listeners. Broadcasting is becoming more popular for all generations, thanks to the internet.Listening to podcasts in the car, for example, is growing dynamically (67 million Americans are listening it every month).Speakers gave a lot of advice for the interactive and feedback from listeners, on calls and direct inclusions.Representatives of various Christian radio stations have also attended the seminars.

The most popular and attending part of the conference, however, was the internet section. John Carly (Trinet Internet Solutions) shareda lot of useful, practical advices in the use of technical tools and digital technologies.Listeners accumulated a great deal of useful life hacks, learned how to improve websites, use social media, mobile services, internet opportunities and marketing tools.Volunteers tested their internet resources on the ability to adaptto various gadgets, and asked a lot of technical questions.

Presentations of several successful Ukrainian media projects, including "LIFE Club" - a series of TV programs broadcast on Channel #5 were presented by producer Leonid Bratanchuk (CBN Ukraine), as the part of the program.Speaker also talked about the principles of choosing heroes and defining the theme.An important part of building an audience is working with Facebook page subscribers.If we see that the video finds positive response from thousands of viewers, the further step should be promoting it on social network for a fee. Daily, wereceive feedback from our subscribers saying how our materials have influenced their lives and this comments inspires us to work further, "said the speaker.

Cyril and Anastasia Kolpakovich, guests from Odessa, reportedabout spread of the gospel and church growth through video production and YouTube. Already for 2.5 years the team develops "Word of God" channel (5000 subscribers), and for about 2 years Justan channel (8338 subscribers), on YouTube. Facebook page however, gathered more than 23,000 followers.The video is often broadcast on three channels of Odessa television.

The guys showed presentation videos, which scored the most views.To the participants’ surprise, clips about the end times became the most popular (700 thousand views). Some delegates criticized the abundance of ecclesiastical terminology, to which the Kolpakovichi couple replied: "Try different forms of exposition, experiment and do not be afraid of open preaching. It worked in our case, anddid not push people away. The church got filled up with new people, thanks to the video views.After all, there are people who need to hear your message."

The general sessions were focused on summary, reflection on the creation and promotion of media resources, as well as talking about leadership and effectiveness. During "free microphone" time - forum delegates presented different media projects and personal innovations and achievements.

At the final part of the conference, Novomedia Association presented memorable gifts to the speakers’ team.The participants personally thanked the speakers for useful seminars with the only regret that it was impossible to attend all three thematic blocks.

Some reviews:

“I’m always looking forward to Novomedia conference, since media sphere is rapidly developing and there is always a risk of being "off the subject". The conference helps me to fill in the missing knowledge and skills, and systematize already existing experience.In my opinion, this is a very necessary event for the Christian media field.This is the place where we meet new fellows, learn, share experiences, help each other, pray and encourage each other.We become more effective for our local churches.We get practical knowledge from experienced colleagues.The media conference is the place where we gather in unity to fill the media space with Good News", - says Andrei Tkachev, development manager (Dnepr, "Door to Heaven "church).

"I amat the conference for the first time. I met many interesting people and heard a lot of useful information.Ron Harris became my hero. His call "Tell the truth, make it meaningful and do not be boring" became a true push for me.After all, very often in life, we do things that we don't like ourselves, hoping however, that others will like it somehow. It’s a real blessing to meet such a wonderful team", - shared Tatyana Verozub from Kiev.

"I am proud that Ukraine has such a great association as" Novomedia "and glad to be a member of it.I'm left with a very good impression from the spring conference. It's always nice to meet colleagues and discuss different topics with them.It is also cool that it's not just training, but also encouragement from fellows who shared success stories and specific tools that helped them achieve goals.Technical points can be found on the internet, but encouragement and personal experience of other colleagues - only at such meetings.We are very grateful to everyone who participated in organization of this event: both American and Ukrainian sides", - said Vladimir Chernomor from Ternopol.

"Thank you so much for the media conference! It was very pleasant that many young people attended the event.During study on the internet block, I received a lot of useful information, and specific examples in the use of social networks for ministry. I already started using new knowledge at work", - said Kristina Monastyrskaya, project manager of a public organization in Kiev.

"I participate in the spring media conference for the third time already, and every time I look forward to this event. It's a very inspiring time!I appreciate this opportunity to meet new associatesin the field of journalism and get together with old friends.Thanks to the president of Novomedia, RuslanKukharchuk, who brings up Christian journalists, and consults secular ones in matters of religion.Together we can do amazing things!”, - says Olga Rybachuk from Kiev.

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