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The annual competition among of Christian websites started on April 20th.  The competition itself conducts Christian webmasters Club with support of Internet Department of Novomedia Association. The goal of the competition is to determine the best Christian web-sites in their special nominations and motivate other web recourses develop and grow even more.
The contest runs for the fifth years already. Every year the competition involves hundreds of Christian websites, and the best once receives Certificate of the winner.


On Saturday, March 6th, Ruslan Kukharchuk held an educational media course at the invitation of Slavic Pentecostal Church in Rochester (New York). The program for the day included following topics: PR for churches and religious organizations, the information department of the church, journalism in different kinds of media and civil journalism. 

The training was attended by residents of the city of Rochester, as well as guests from closest cities. Some of them have already had some experience in the media, however, the vast majority of participants had never been...


International conference of National Religious Broadcasters was held in American city Nashville (Tennessee), from February 26th to March 1st held. This is the largest in the world religious media forum. There were about two thousand people who came to the conference from all over the United States and other countries.

The event included three main blocks. There were supersession’s for general audience every morning and evening. Also, there was presentation of main speakers (for example, creators of the film "The Chronicles of Narnia", owners of communication companies,...


 "Is that possible for new media people to create a full-fledged newspaper for two days?"- might say or think professionals once. "Even two newspapers are quite possible!"- The Novomedia Association said. They announced the second admission for 4 day tanning.  Extreme course from Novomedia was held February 2nd -5th in Kiev. The course was about "Creating newspapers and magazines from A to Z”. There were 26 enthusiasts from Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and Russia who attendant this event. 

Participants learned basics of journalism, editing, marketing, advertising and design....


Ruslan Kuharchuk, president of Novomedia Assosiation, visited National Technical University of Ukraine 'Kyiv Polytechnic Institute' on February 15th. About 60 students from different departments of the Editorial Publishing Faculty gathered to listen to the experienced journalist.

At first, Ruslan Kukharchuk inquired the students where exactly in Media the future specialists see themselves. Then there was a discussion about the religious topics in mass media. “According to sociological studies many people, including Ukrainians, are interested in it. Although many...