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The Journalists Association “Novomedia” 

"The transformation of media returns the transformation of nation"


The Novomedia Association is the all-Ukrainian non-governmental journalistic organization. It was founded in 2004 on the initiative of journalist Ruslan Kukharchuk. The Association unites Christian journalists and other creative stuff of different media in two common ways: spiritual unity and professional interests.

For today, Novomedia  Association  includes about 200 members from secular and Christian media and has representatives in the majority of regions of Ukraine. There are also members of the community in Russian Federation, USA and Canada.

Twelve Ukrainian Universities Covered by Novomedia Tour


During February 2014, students of twelve universities in Eastern Ukraine joined the professional tour of Novomedia Association. For students, Novomedia held workshops on the main aspects of working in online publications and presented The New Journalist study guide; for respective university departments and libraries, the Association prepared copies of the said book.


The audience of workshops was predominantly comprised of students of the departments of Journalism, Mass Communications, Advertising, Public Relations, Publishing and Editing. The speaker was President of Novomedia Association Ruslan Kukharchuk. The workshop on internet journalism is designed for students of all years of study. As to The New Journalist book, it can be helpful not only for students, but for all those who are professionally involved in journalism or related fields.


In Cherkasy National University named after Khmelnytskyi Novomedia presented for the second time. On February 6, the discussion was devoted to the challenges faces by journalists in the modern media reality. Besides, Ruslan Kukharchuk shared professional advice as to working for internet publications. Particularly, he emphasized the multimedia aspect of modern-day journalism. Students addressed the speaker with practical questions, such as how to attract the audience, how to integrate a website in the social networks, among others. One of the workshop participants Sasha Paliy shared his impressions: ”I enjoy this kind of events. They help me to feel an integral part of the gigantic mechanism called the society. The lecture by Ruslan Kukharchuk has a nearly hundred percent application in my professional activity as a beginner.”


In Kirovograd State Pedagogic University named after Vynnychenko, in addition to the workshop on February 13, Novomedia had a pleasure of meeting the professors of the profile department. As to the workshop, it was attended by the students of Publishing and Editing study program. Here is a review of the meeting published on the university website. “Today the concept of multimedia journalism as shared by Ruslan Kukharchuk is an effective tool and mainstreamtrend. The most important thing is to choose the information, the niche that would be of interest to readers, and then correctly design the activity of your media. The know-how of the educational part of the workshop was the set of advice on professional use of social networks. Meetings like this broaden professional outlook and enable to optically see the state of affairs and development prospects of media industry and, most importantly, the prospects of one’s personal development in this industry,” students emphasized.


Chairman of Publishing and Editing Department Natalia Fenko suggested that the following Novomedia meetings cover the issues of civil journalism, the use of social networks in journalism, founding a personal website and running a popular blog.


On February 17, in Dnipropetrovsk National University named after Gonchar Novomedia became a guest of the school’s new press platform. After the meeting the speaker had a follow-up conversation with the Chairman of Mass Communications Department Serhiy Demchenko.


Mr. Demchenko admitted that such meetings enable students to participate in a live discussion, learn new things about the global trends in journalism, particularly the emergence of new media, and “reset” their views on journalism in general. Besides, press platforms help to alter the common notion that universities teach theory, whereas the practical experience turns much different. Thanks to the meetings with practicing journalists, students acquire the practical approach even before they start their media career.


The next day, on February 18, Novomedia President visited Zaporizzhya National University. This school is so well acquainted with Novomedia that Chairman of Journalism Department Viktor Kostyuk personally described Novomedia mission and activity to students.


Mr. Kostyuk admitted that he wants these meetings with practicing journalists to be as useful for students as possible. In response to his question about their interest in such events, they argued that this was exactly the format they considered most effective. Novomedia book The New Journalist also generated a lot of buzz: some participants probably did not get a chance to buy the book. No wonder – over 130 students attended the meeting.


The same day Ruslan Kukharchuk conducted a workshop inZaporizzhya Classical Private University. In this school, the Novomedia meeting with the students of the Institute of Journalism and Mass Communications took place in the framework of its press club meeting. Thetopicofthediscussionwas the procedure of starting internet publications, the main features of this type of media and the content suitable for it. Among the participants of the meeting was Dr. Zinoviy Partyko, professor of the said Institute, Ph.D. in Linguistics. He called this event “eradication of illiteracy” in the field of internet media.


On February 19, Novomedia came to Lugansk universities. Although the main concentration of Lugansk State Academy of Culture and Arts is not journalism, the students who attended the workshop with Ruslan Kukharchuk asked questions and expressed interest in the event. Besides, all the attendees paid tribute to the memory of the fallen participants of mass protests in downtown Kyiv.


In Lugansk National University named after Shevchenko, deputy director of the library Tetiana Plyndina thanked Novomedia for its contribution in the university book collection. She admitted that, despite the possibilities of the internet, printed textbooks are still popular among students and remain a trusted source of information.


After the workshop, students shared their impressions about the Novomedia study guide. «In a meeting with Ruslan Kukharchuk, I encountered an interesting book, The New Journalist, which I would call a textbook on journalism. But this is probably the only textbook I have seen that can be read as a literature – lively and engaging – while receiving a lot of new and valuable advice. I want to say big thank you to the authors for this entertaining way of presenting information,” said Maria Levischeva, a student of Lugansk National University named after Shevchenko.


On February 20, Ruslan was a guest of Donetsk National University with his workshop on internet journalism and a book presentation. “Students of journalism should be motivated to dedicate themselves to their profession. And nothing motivates better than fellowship with colleagues – professionals who have been successful in their careers. That is why Ruslan Kukharchuk’s visit to Donetsk National University is very useful in terms of the advice he shared; these advice will serve students as a good landmark in the future,” suggested Elena Samoylenko, Senior Professor of Journalism Department. One of the Donetsk National University students Serhiy Chudnovskyi, in his turn, added that he became interested in writing about the media coverage of religious issues in the framework of the Novomedia annual contest for Ukrainian students.


The Association also visited Donetsk Institute of Social Education. The meeting held on February 20 was attended by 2nd and 4th year students of Journalism as well as Advertising and Public Relations.


In Sumy State University where Ruslan Kukharchuk met with students on February 25, his greatest impression was the university library. It contains a book arsenal of about 3 million copies book arsenal, is fully automated, and has its regularly updated official pages in social networks. The next day after the workshop, Novomedia study guide The New Journalist was included in the library electronic register.


Moreover, the university team took Ruslan Kukharchuk for a library tour and presented him a personal reader’s pass with a free access to all the available online resources.


In a press release covering the meeting with Novomedia, students of Journalism and Editing of Poltava National Pedagogic University named after Korolenko gave their own title to the workshop held by Ruslan Kukharchuk on February 26 – “How to Become a Media Magnate”. The young audience expressed lively interest to the prospects of becoming “early magnates”.


The meeting was attended by all faculty members of Journalism department. After the event, the participants had an opportunity to discuss the format of further cooperation with Novomedia, which visited this university for the first time.


In Kharkov National University named after Karazin, Novomedia workshop was attended by one of Journalism professors, a good friend and supporter of Novomedia Association, Maksym Balaklytskyi. He admitted that the question of monetization of web journalism remains open. However, in his view, as a way of promotion for young authors, the world wide web is absolutely unique.

It is important to note that throughout the 10 years since its inception, Novomedia Association is cooperating with universities across Ukraine, particularly departments of Journalism, Mass Communications, Advertising and Public Relations, Publishing and Editing. The purpose of this partnership is to promote and assist the system of higher media education. “Covering Religion in the Media” is one of the fundamental Novomedia workshops within the framework of this educational mission. Besides, the Association supports an ongoing creativity contest on this topic with a money prize for students.

The Novomedia university tour continues. Our next destination is the West of Ukraine: students of Rivne, Lutsk, Ostrog, Chernivtsi are already awaiting the Association as soon as in April 2014.

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