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The Journalists Association “Novomedia” 

"The transformation of media returns the transformation of nation"


The Novomedia Association is the all-Ukrainian non-governmental journalistic organization. It was founded in 2004 on the initiative of journalist Ruslan Kukharchuk. The Association unites Christian journalists and other creative stuff of different media in two common ways: spiritual unity and professional interests.

For today, Novomedia  Association  includes about 200 members from secular and Christian media and has representatives in the majority of regions of Ukraine. There are also members of the community in Russian Federation, USA and Canada.

Review of activities of The Novomedia Association in the year 2016


On January 2016 was published the second edition of the book "A New Journalist. How to master media profession." 20 actual media themes, 15 authors, 4 visual applications, 2 bonus interviews with famous TV broadcasters. All this within 224 pages. 15 experienced in media journalists had worked over the creation of the book "A New Journalist". This book helps not only to master the profession of  a journalist, but also teaches to cover comprehently the issues of a church and faith. The second edition includes 5 new themes: extreme journalism, a portrait sketch (how to write about a person), radio journalism, basics of reportage photography.


On 10th February a profi club "Novomedia" was held. The speaker of the meeting was Yuri Kavun, the head of internet missionary project yesHEis. The meeting was attended  by novomediyschiki (participants of The Novomedia Accosiation), employees of TV channel "Hope", InVictory Media portal, organization "Vsi razom!".The guest told about the uniqueness of the project yesHEis. It is the gospel to unbelievers through the World Wide Web. The guest also shared his thoughts on how to help people who are in crisis or in search of the meaning of life and writing about it on the Internet.

From March, 30 till April, 1 Media School “Television, radio, social media and PR” for churches, Christian organizations and religious media took place. Among 120 participants were journalists, TV reporters, PR people, bloggers, radio workers, employees of press services. Speakers of Media School – professionals from America: Ronald Harris, president and founder of MEDIAlliance International, Wes Ward, vice president on questions about strategic growth of the organization FiveQ Digital Media, Lee Ann Jackson, executive director of marketing  in advertising agency Ambassador, Jim Barnuel, producer and director of information and  communication department of Baptist church in the city of Bellevue. All participants received a certificate of graduting from Media School. As a pleasant bonus for learners was a concert of saxophonist Nathan Woodward.


On April 23-24, the conference "Medialend" was held. The event, which taught not only the way how to create children's media, but also how to bring biblical values to children and adolescents using modern methods. Also, organizers paid special attention to the subject of child protection in the Internet space. Within the conference there were seminars on different types of media for kids: internet resources, press, radio, video and animation. At the conference, several themes were dedicated to TV production of children's programs. The team of TV channel "Hope" presented its children's programs "Lomaster" and "Malyuvaki". Speakers described how to create a program, familiarized students with the peculiarities of the process of shooting, etc. Alexander Vlasenko (animator, Association "Emmanuel", CBN), Anton Bazelinsky (script writer), Edward Kirich (animator and producer of cartoons), Edward Ahramovich (general producer of "Ukranіmafіlm"), Oksana Karpus (production designer of cartoons) told about animation and cartoon's creation. At the end all participants received gifts from conference partners: gift packages with books and sweets.

On April 22, Ruslan Kukharchuk, President of The Journalists Association “Novomedia” made a speech in front of schoolchildren, students and teachers of the Ostrozh Academy. Participants came from all regions of Ukraine. President of The Novomedia Association congratulated all the participants with the All-Ukrainian Olympiad "Young Bible experts." The guest also spoke to two student groups from different faculties – journalism, philology, culture, religion.


On April 27, was held a profi club with Vasiliy Ryabchuk, chief editor The guest told how he came into the profession. He shared some knowledge and experience, which he got over the years of his work in the media sphere. Besides this was discussed a dozen of questions relating to the current situation in the media, problems of highlighting military conflict in Ukraine, principles and conduct of journalists in different situations, etc.

 On May 13-15, in Obuhiv (Kyiv region) took place one of the most important annual events of The Novomedia Association – Christian Media Weekend. The event gathered more than 50 participants. Among them were representatives of press centers in churches, media workers of secular and religious media, students of journalism faculties. Novomedia Weekend has country location, where Christian journalists settle for three days to share experiences. The main purpose of the event – to communicate, learn, share experiences, to pray for the media and have a pleasant rest amidst a pine forest. The program of the Christian Media Weekend were seminars, discussions, chat, dinner party, football, board games and photo sessions.

On June, students and graduates of the school "A New Journalist", together with the dean Zoe Nikitiuk, took a short vacation trip to Chernihiv region. This is an annual tradition on the occasion of celebrating Journalist's Day. In previous years, students traveled to Cherkassy and Vinnitsa.

On June 17, the Member of The Novomedia Association Tatiana Pinchuk conducted a profi club for Youth Movement In Light. Most of the present were the students of media faculties and people wishing to study journalism. The basics of writing announcements and releases were studied at the meeting. Also Tatiana Pinchuk told the students of media faculties about the creation of press centers and work at them.


 On June 20, was held a profi club of "Novomedia" with journalist Maria Varfolomeyeva, which was more than a year in the capture of Luhansk People's Republic . The journalist shared facts about the arrest, conditions of detention, the repeated failures of exchange, the support from God and family.

On June 25, took place the first meeting of the organizing committee of the Kyiv "Novomedia" team regarding to its preparation for the annual Forum 2016. It was defined the concept and the name of the event: "Personalization. You are in the media sphere. " After that, the process of preparation of all marketing materials took place.


On August 5-15, the President of The Novomedia Association Ruslan Kukharchuk was on a working visit to the US. During this time he participated in the Global Leadership Summit in Chicago on the basis of Willow Creek Church. In addition, the head of the journalistic association visited the office of media organization Christianity Today in the city of Carol Stream (Illinois). American organization at the meeting was represented by an editor Mark Galli. Colleagues shared the experience of an informational service and told each other about the specifics of work in their countries and strategy for the further development.


 On September 24, started training in the ninth school "A New Journalist". Among 18 students were  practicing journalists, lawyers, teachers and students of different faculties. During two months students learned more than 25 key topics. On completion of the training, students passed an exam and received certificates of successful completion of the school.


From September to November was held a training course for students of II-III courses of the Kyiv Bible Institute. The teachers of the course were representatives of The Novomedia Association. Among them – Ruslan Kukharchuk, a journalist, the President of The Novomedia Association; Vladimir Bagnenko, journalist, blogger, copywriter; Julia Kolomoets, director of the TV channel "New Christian"; Viktoria Turjanskaya, journalist; Zoe Nikitiuk, editor and journalist. They taught the future church leaders to the basics of work in media: text writing, specifics of work in press center, on the radio, content creation and filling of the church site.

 On October 8-14, the President of The Novomedia Association Ruslan Kukharchuk represented Ukraine in the media Leadership Summit in Dallas. It brought together about thirty leaders of Christian media companies from around the world.

On November 4-5, took place the key annual event of the Association – International Novomedia Forum. More than 300 participants attended the event: journalists, bloggers, editors, media technical staff and students of media faculties. Among the 30 speakers were well-known journalists, correspondents and experts of well-known Ukrainian media. Every participant of the event received a special gift and a Bible. During two days of the Forum there were 22 lectures on various media themes. The event also included a lecture for young people, involved in media.


 On November 5, as a special event of the Forum was the award ceremony Novomedia Awards. The Novomedia Association pointed out colleagues contributing to the spread of eternal values through secular media. Diplomas and statuettes were handed to the best 8 editors and journalists. Star guests of the evening were the band "Lumiere", soloist of the Ukrainian group "Number 482" Vitaly Kirichenko, member of the "Voice of Kraina 6» Anyanya Udogvo and others.


 On November 19th, the team which organized the Forum Novomedia held afterparty. The meeting was held at the invitation of the head of committee. At the end of November, the The Novomedia Association sent a letter to the National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting regarding the inadmissibility of the STB TV channel broadcasting media products which contain elements of occult practices, cruelty, murder, etc. ( "The Battle of Psychics," "Psychics are leading investigation" and others).

 On December 18-22,  Novomedia had tour in Israel with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel. As part of the tour there was business communication in Jerusalem with the Deputy Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Euro-Asian region Alexander Ben Zvi, Director of the Department of World Religions Sharon Regev and a Pastor of Jerusalem church Steven Khuri. Also, a visit to Knesset took place to meet with Israeli parliamentarians Tali Ploskov and Julia Malinovskaya. Participants shared their experiences of functioning media in their countries. During Novomedia tour members of the delegation visited historical and biblical cities – Capernaum, Jerusalem, Tiberias, Nazareth. This journey will help Christian  employees in better navigation at the context of biblical events while preparing journalistic materials lately. At the end of the year, The Novomedia Association launched a campaign to amend the Law of Ukraine "Public broadcasting". The goal is to include into the Supervisory Board of the Public Television of Ukraine representative of the Christian churches. As part of that it was prepared and published two reviews and programme articles: "The participation of churches and religious organizations in the public service broadcasting in different countries" and "How and why to extend the Supervisory Board of the National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine". 


On December 26, was the annual Christmas meeting of the joint command of  The Novomedia Association and movement "Vsi razom!" The head two organizations Ruslan Kukharchuk summed up results for the year 2016 and announced the strategy for 2017. A Christmas gift was prepared for everyone. "It is a great pleasure and blessing to work with these precious people. They are dedicated to bring the best changes in society. They are guided by their faith and Christian love ", –said Ruslan Kukharchuk.


During 2016, 37 new members joined to The Novomedia Association.