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The Journalists Association “Novomedia” 

"The transformation of media returns the transformation of nation"


The Novomedia Association is the all-Ukrainian non-governmental journalistic organization. It was founded in 2004 on the initiative of journalist Ruslan Kukharchuk. The Association unites Christian journalists and other creative stuff of different media in two common ways: spiritual unity and professional interests.

For today, Novomedia  Association  includes about 200 members from secular and Christian media and has representatives in the majority of regions of Ukraine. There are also members of the community in Russian Federation, USA and Canada.

Novomedia Forum 2016: professional skills and Gospel truths

First day

The first performance at the Forum, which sets the tone for everything that happens in the next two days, falls to the President of the The Novomedia Association Ruslan Kukharchuk: "This year we are talking about personalization.
What is important to know about the concept of a journalist? I have identified three main criteria:

1. Intelligence (education, outlook, sharp mind).
2. Charisma (personal unique features, the gift of God, which stands out among the others).
3. Values (understanding of their responsibility to the audience)."
The organizer of the Forum said: “Christian values are not only for life but also for our profession. Our main task – is to serve the audience.”


At the Forum welcomed the Deputy Ambassador of Israel to Ukraine Emil Ben-Naftaly. “I'm three months in Ukraine and have heard many good things about The Novomedia Association.” He also recalled the celebration of the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Israel. “Our two nations have much in common. We are happy to exchange experiences between the two countries.” In conclusion, he wished the good of the Forum and thanked for the invitation.
The long tradition of the event is attended by a priest for the opening of the Forum. Pastoral blessing this year made a senior minister of Irpin Bible Church – Mykola Romaniuk. “Above all else, guard your heart, for out of it flow the springs of life,” – the pastor quoted a verse from the book of Proverbs. The pastor urged journalists to be objective, always tell the truth and he prayed.
Elena Frolyak completed the morning block. She is a Chief of the Information Officer of the national TV channel ICTV. Her advice to young journalists was accurate, simple and indisputably running the secrets of success in professional activities. The moderator asked her: “What is eternal value for you?”. She replied: “Great value for me – a man and a family,” – said Elena Frolyak.
By the way, the question about main basic ethical values in the work and life for them was addressed for all speakers. And after the performance each of them received a special gift from The Novomedia Association is The Holy Bible.
In the afternoon, participants split in two halls. Thirty speakers and even more themes in two parallel audiences – the program of Novomedia Forum 2016 has been particularly intense.
On the topic of the media business has taught Olga Chibisova. She is an executive director of the “LIGABusinessInform” and Irina Rubis – CEO of media company Ekonomika. At the same time on a parallel session Travel journalist Olga Bully told about the possibility of earning on travel. After talking about money and media business, journalists and guests went to a lecture, where they studied to hone skills and presenter talked about the political interview. Tatiana Goncharova shared her experience, she hosts of talk show on channel. And Vadim Karpyak, he hosts "Freedom of Speech" on ICTV.
Then guests went to explore the topic of the journalistic style with Olga Slone and Dasha Schaslyvaya from the 1+1 TV channel. About investigative journalism taught Dmitry Hnap and Anna Babinec. They are the journalists of the “Slіdstvo.Іnfo”.

“When I look at the program of the Forum, frustrated that I cannot be simultaneously in two classrooms,” – said Nastya, the participant of the Novomedia Forum.
The first day of the Forum ended very quickly, and the visitors didn`t want to go home. The resulting information they need to discuss, ask another questions to favorite speaker. Therefore, after the last lecture in the hall of the hotel were still heard talk about style, investigations, online publications and travels.
Second day

Roman Grischuk is the head of the studio “Mamahohotala” charged positive of Saturday Morning and Fyodor Skyba is the director AIRAcademy. It was about how to create a unique channel on YouTube and become an influential blogger.
While in the first hall the journalists watched videos, their collegs in the second audience learned to build relationships “journalist-speaker” and talked about mediahigiene. Maria Zhartovskaya helped them in this case. She is a political reviewer of “Ukrainian Truth”, and Peter Shuklinov is a chief editor of the news block LIGA.
On the forum didn`t forget about the Crimea and the Donbass, as well as the hostility and conflict. This topic is particularly painful for Ukraine. Deputy Minister of Information Policy Emine Dzhaparova showed the audience a few clips of “Crimea is Ukraine”. A believer journalist Maria Varfolomeeva acted also. She had been in captivity of “Luhansk People's Republic” (LPR or LNR) during 419 days.
At the end of the Novomedia Forum acted the creator of TV channels 112 and NewsOne Ukraine Aleksey Semenov. “The guys in the Novomedia Association are not confined to professional issues, but also they make a purification of themself and the media space. With great joy I shared my thoughts and creative ideas with the audience,” – Aleksey Semenov said after his speech.
Organizers have prepared for each participant of the Novomedia Forum not only a quality program for professional development, an important part of the event it is the Evangelism. It was distributed more than 150 copies of the Gospel during the Forum. Mediaworkers gladly accepted the gift and some asked for another copy.
The evening of 5th of November, within the end of the Forum held its annual ceremony Novomedia Awards. Journalists and editors of mainstream media received awards for the systematic coverage of Christian and family values in their journalistic materials. Diplomas and statuettes handed eight best editors and journalists.