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The Journalists Association “Novomedia” 

"The transformation of media returns the transformation of nation"


The Novomedia Association is the all-Ukrainian non-governmental journalistic organization. It was founded in 2004 on the initiative of journalist Ruslan Kukharchuk. The Association unites Christian journalists and other creative stuff of different media in two common ways: spiritual unity and professional interests.

For today, Novomedia  Association  includes about 200 members from secular and Christian media and has representatives in the majority of regions of Ukraine. There are also members of the community in Russian Federation, USA and Canada.

Ukrainian journalists visited Israel – the political and Christian one


The Novomedia Tour to Israel by invitation of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs was held on 18-22th of December, 2016. The eight participants of the tour met with the Ministry officials, members of the Knesset and leaders of Christian organizations. Besides, last day the journalists had a chance to unofficially communicate with Zvi Magen, the first Israeli Ambassador to Ukraine and the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Absorption Prof. Zeev Hanin.

Also, the journalists visited biblical historical places connected with the ministry of Jesus Christ. The trip enabled the participants to personally attend the places of events and study the historical and modern context. All of it will contribute to cover the topics of the modern Israel as well as the Holy Scripture events with a high quality. 

Israel_komanda - копия

Top level meetings

The trip started in the morning of December 18th, 2016. On arrival to Tel-Aviv there was time only for one visit – to a completely new, highly technological Friends of Zion Museum. The next day started the official part of the visit. The Ukrainian delegation met with the Vice-Director of the Euro-Asian Department of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs Alexander Ben-Zvi and Director of the Department for World Religions Sharon Regev. 



Video Novomedia tour

One of the key topic was the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian autonomy (the Israeli-Palestinian conflict). The diplomat from Jerusalem told the history and the context of the conflict and spoke about the achievements and plans for the future. «The majority of the people do not know about the technological innovations, made in Israel and used all over the world, - said Alexander Ben-Zvi. — Despite the prolonged conflict with Palestine and other neighbors, our country is developing and supplies the world market with a lot of products».


In the opinion of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs representatives, the world mass media often plugola cover the situation in the Middle East. That is why it is so important for journalists to attend the place of event bodily, study the issue from the inside and broaden the horizon. «Moreover, we are interested in covering Israel by the Christian journalists. For you it is not just a tourist trip. These are the Holy places», — the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs representative greeted the participants of the Novomedia Tour to Israel and wished peace to Ukraine.


The mediaworkers visited the Knesset on 20th of December, 2016.They had an excursion on parliamentary halls, showed the works of arts and exhibits, presenting a historical value and located in the building.


The pre-arranged meeting with the Deputy Speaker of the Knesset M.K. Tali Ploskov also took place. She told about her work in the Knesset, cooperation between Ukraine and Israel and some partner projects. One of the last project is the employment of the Ukrainian workers in the construction sphere agreement. «It is a mutually beneficial project for our countries, - said Tali Ploskov. - We will create all conditions for their comfort life, and it is a decent salary, housing and medical insurance. We will do everything to make sure all the workers are on the same terms».


A Knesset Deputy Yulia Malinovskaya, a Luhansk native, was also present at the meeting. «I do not know all political subtleties, but for me this situation in Ukraine is close. I believe that the good sense will wake up soon for all the participants of this conflict. And the reconciliation will happen and people will go back to a normal life». Also, the Deputy told about her recent visit to Ukraine, that has been the first one for the last 18 years.


Yad Vashem – The World Holocaust Remembrance Center became a memorable event for the participants of the Novomedia Association. The documents, videos, photos, and material proofs – everything tells about elimination of millions of the Jewsduring the period from 1933 to 1945, the domination of fascism in Germany. The Memorial is a complex, located on 18 hectare that includes the Holocaust History Museum, the Children’s memorial, the Hall of Remembrance, the Patricians’ Panorama, the Hall of Names, the Monument of the Jewish Soldiers, the Archives and so on.  The materials collected in the museum abandon an indelible mark in the soul of every visitor.

Yad Vashem_musem

Personal acquaintance with Israel

Tel-Aviv is a modern city that strikes a visitor with new buildings, restaurants, boutiques and business-centers. There the Ukrainian journalists met withthe Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Absorption Prof. Zeev Hanin, who was born in Ukraine. Prof. Zeev Hanin told the guests about the main mission of the government: to help the repatriates and Israelis who returned to the country after living abroad for many years. «Our task is to accept them at home and to provide with everything necessary for a decent life in our country, — he said. — We help them with accommodation and education. We provide support in cooperation with different  establishments and organizations here». At the end of the meetinghe added: «I was born in Zaporizhzhya. ButonlynowIliveathome - inIsrael».


All this time the delegation was accompanied by the experienced guides Roni Geven and Eli Romanovski. During 5 days they shared their experience and knowledge of the historical facts, biblical stories, local traditions, and took care of the comfort and interesting leisure for guests from Ukraine. All spare time the participants of the press-tour spent walking around and intermingling with friendly locals.


The journalists saw with their own eyes, that even the non-religious Jewish families respect the Sabbath – they meet together as a family at a festive table. They often send the children to the religious schools, follow the Jewish traditions.

Stena_placha - копия

The Ukrainian group visited Capernaum, the town of the Savior. Jesus lived here for long time, therefore this place was called «the town of Jesus»). The delegates remembered the some events from His life that happen here, they saw a house, that could be the house where Jesus healed the paralyzed man. Also in Capernaumеру journalists visited the St. Peter Church, built on the ruins of the house, where assumedly the Apostle could have lived.


Walking on the bank of the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret), the participants could feel how 2000 years ago the Son of God preached to the people. Alongside the group of the Christians was sitting and reading the Gospel.


The Ukrainian Christian journalists were overfilled with special emotions, when found themselves in the heart of Israel – Jerusalem City. The rich history and prominent places, the purposefulstory, told by the guide, walking on the Via Dolorosa street to the Calvary – these all provided a possibility to better feel the City and its historical atmosphere, and rethink again and deeper feel the New Testament stories.

Via Dolorossa

On the results of the tour the leader of the journalists from Ukraine and Head of The Novomedia Association Ruslan Kukharchuk said: «It is the second Novomedia Tour to Israel. We highly appreciate all the efforts of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the assistance from the side of the Embassy of Israel in Ukraine. Such journeys help the Christian media workers to be professional while covering the today’s situation in the Middle East, and also it helps to renew the biblical stories that my colleagues shoot or write about».

Svyatoslava Chervinskaya, The Novomedia Association