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The Journalists Association “Novomedia” 

"The transformation of media returns the transformation of nation"


The Novomedia Association is the all-Ukrainian non-governmental journalistic organization. It was founded in 2004 on the initiative of journalist Ruslan Kukharchuk. The Association unites Christian journalists and other creative stuff of different media in two common ways: spiritual unity and professional interests.

For today, Novomedia  Association  includes about 200 members from secular and Christian media and has representatives in the majority of regions of Ukraine. There are also members of the community in Russian Federation, USA and Canada.

Media Weekend 2016 – three in one: fellowship, training and rest!


Three-day Novomedia Weekend that was held in Obukhov complex ended. The event gathered about 50 participants. Among them one could find the representatives of press centers, churches, media workers of secular and religious mass media as well as the students of Journalism Departments.The program of the Weekend was rich and diverse. Let’s start investigating it!


In contrast from the annual Novomedia Forum and Schools of Journalists (where the focus is mostly on trainings) – theNovomedia Weekend is an out-of-town event. Many Christian media workers came together for three days in order to exchange their experiences. “Novomedia Weekend provides great possibilities: new and beneficial acquaintances, educational and developing courses, and relaxation… You do not have to hurry. The friendly atmosphere provides great opportunity to have fellowship,” says Mila Medved, a Weekend participant.


 “It’s my first time on the Weekend and I am so glad that I’ve got to know many guys from media sphere. Now I am looking for a new job and due to new acquaintances I could find the contacts, that are very important for me and here I got to know about new opportunities,” added Jana Volovych, a journalist. 


It is interesting to note, that Novomedia Weekend is the second key event this year for the Novomedia Association members. As a rule, the majority of the participants is Novomedia workers. Some of them even came from Crimea. They shared their experiences – what media environment is like in their regions, what possibilities and limitations appear for Christian churches nowadays.


During threedays some media workers proved that they not only produce high-quality media products, but also are talented in others spheres. The program of the Weekendincluded lots of poems, songs, musical performances by the participants, and even a hand-made fair. Some of the participants proved to be good at football and volleyball.


Fresh air, pine tree forest, lots of tea and tasty food, comfortable rooms – what else do you need for your rest in spring? “Despite the fact that we had to relocate a street picnic into the café due to drizzle. Still it had a home-like, cozy atmosphere,” emphasized Tatyana Pinchuk, theNovomedia administrator. “We, the media workers, are constantly in the information stream. So, it’s important for us to rest for a while and boost our creativity. That is exactly what I feel after our meetings,”thinks Natalia Banduk, a director.


The informal format of the event was possible also because the neckties were absent and the kids were present. Some participants came with their families. “It’s great that my wife and kids were with me. I could shoot the seminars and spend my free time with family. The kids enjoyed playing on the playground and they were always into sight,”noted Oleh  Dovbysh, a NovomediaAssociation member.



The participants who were present on Novomedia Weekend received a case of important knowledge, kind of a set for a Christian media worker. Becauseallmediasphereswerecovered.

About Internet Resources


Semen Kremenyuk, a co-author of the Project about Information Technology, shared his experience about blogging and peculiarities of YouTube Channel. DmytriyMotso spoke about new possibilities of social media and on-line marketing. 


Both of the speakers emphasized the importance of the well-considered and developed content, created by the Christians. Olga Kulik, a chief of InVictory Media European Office joined them. The speaker gave some practical tips how to work with large Internet Projects as well as devoted much time to the importance of high-quality news, graphics, and copyright issues. She also provided many prompts regarding to improvement of the production.


Also Denis Semenyuk, a head of the Internet Department “Novomedia” and TuthostPresident provided the media workers with many useful and available resources.

About writing stories

Vladimir Bagnenko, a Christian Vision marketing manager and founder of Texts Studio “Slovo” taught the participants how to write good texts. He explained how to write essays. According to Vladimir, nothing touches a reader that much as a personal story. The participants analyzes the examples of good and not very good stories and talked about peculiarities of story telling.


About video production

Where one should look for press events? What minimal set of equipment should every press center have? How to organizethe filming process? Sergey Voloshin, a chief of TV ministry of David Hathaway EuroVision in the countries of CIS and ValentynStrotchevoy, a chief of TV Department of Philadelphia Church revealed the topic of video production starting from an idea to its complete realization. 


Alexander Jusupov, a TV host and a correspondent of “Absatz” show on Novy Channel, founder and host of, board member of NovomediaAssoiciation talked about unconventional approaches and ideas in TV programs.

About PR-Technologies

NO to amateurism! YES to new opportunities! This was the main message of the session. The speaker Julia Kolomiets, an expert in the field of communication of major business structures, chief of Novy Christian Channel spoke about the importance of formation of a positive and true image of churches in mass media. She also told how to introduce the church to the society and systematically inform it about numerous good deeds thatare regularly done by the Christians.


Anastasia Rybak, a chief of Department of Public Relations of Zhytomyr Municipal Council, press secretary of the city major shared her experience on how she managed to get the job and advised what professional skills are required for working in the mentioned sphere. She wished all the participants to achieve their goals and inspired not to be afraid to apply for government jobs.


AnatoliyKushik, Director of “Poklyk” Association shared his experience relating development of public organizations.


The end of the Weekend

The event ended with a festive dinner, contact and feedback exchanges. “The Weekend for me is a great time to meet the colleagues and a possibility to learn something new and to share something I know. It’s a great time for fellowship and exchange of one’s visions, opinions and experiences,”shared Olga Kulik, the speaker. 

“The Weekend became the key event on my way to professional practice. Last year on this event I met some people who were very important in media sphere. I understood what direction I want to go and be involved in and now I work in my filed. Nothing happens by chance! If you were on Novomedia Weekend, then you’ll be confirmed in it soon,”OlhaPopovych shared her opinion. 

It is a reminder that Novomedia Weekend is an annual spring event of Novomedia Association.

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