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The Journalists Association “Novomedia” 

"The transformation of media returns the transformation of nation"


The Novomedia Association is the all-Ukrainian non-governmental journalistic organization. It was founded in 2004 on the initiative of journalist Ruslan Kukharchuk. The Association unites Christian journalists and other creative stuff of different media in two common ways: spiritual unity and professional interests.

For today, Novomedia  Association  includes about 200 members from secular and Christian media and has representatives in the majority of regions of Ukraine. There are also members of the community in Russian Federation, USA and Canada.

Overview of The Novomedia Association in 2010


Inn the beginning of the year, The Novomedia Association released six DVD’s from the anniversary conference of Novomedia. Among the speakers were: Ruslan Kukharchuk "Novomedia: accents" and "Novomedia: Methods and Techniques", Sergey Velbovets  "The strategy of the church in the XXI century", Alexey Efetov "Evangelism in the time of Laodicea; Paul Levushkan "Citizen Journalism 2.0: outside of Live Journal"and "Strategies of civil blogging”, Andrey Makarenko "Expand your limits”, Arnie Feldstad "Media Communication in the postmodern age”, Egor Benkendorf – about  unforgettable stories and adventures of the journalism; Andrew Shekhovtsov "How to grow in Christ, and be effective in Media Business”, Dennis Semenyuk "Three" B "of the Internet."

January 22nd and 23rd in the Church of "Good News" at the city of Cherkassy Novomedia held a special training. The topic of the training was «PR for Churches and Religious Organizations". The participants of the workshop were representatives of religious and public organizations in the city of Cherkassy. Some of the speakers were: Ruslan Kukharchuk, Sergey Velbovets, Zoya Nikityuk and Valentina Popovich.

February first of 2010, The Journalists Association “Novomedia” welcomed new administrator Tatyana Pinchuk. President of the organization Ruslan Kukharchuk made such a decision and signed a special order. Tatyana fulfilled duties as an administrator until seventh annual conference. There was a general vote for her nomination during that conference.

Novomedia and Ostrog’s Academy had started to realize a joint educational program - a special course on the program "Religious journalism”. Around 60 students attended the lectures. In order to pass the course students had to write an article. The authors of the best writing have received Certificates from The Novomedia Association and Ostrog’s Academy.

The Novomedia Association together with higher educational institutions has started constantly operating competitive program for students. The topic of this creative competition is "Life and a variety of Christian denominations in the region." The winners will be able to attend free seminars from Novomedia and receive monetary award.

March 13th The Novomedia Association on the basis of the church "Light for the World", held an educational seminar on the topic "How to create a press center in the church." The seminar attended representatives of Christian churches of Khmelnitsky region.  The number of participants, there was more than thirty people, showed that those kinds of issues are really relevant and interesting for Christians lived in Khmelnitsky region.

From April 7th to 10th Novomedia held an extreme course which was about the creation of the newspaper for two days. Within 4 days of educational course students learned how to make qualitative print media. At the end of a course everybody received certificates. The speakers of the course were: Zoya Nikituk, publishing house «Phoenix Press Ukraine»; Nataliya  Konova, the newspaper "Today", magazine "Profile"; Ruslan Kukharchuk, the newspaper «Cornerstone»; Vladislav Sila, the designer, the director of advertizing agency «Media Svit»; Svetlana Kucherenko, editor of the website «News of the Christian world»; Darya Shaluta, magazines "Lubimaya", «Our Leisure», "Paparazzi", «Female stories»; Lubov Gasanova, newspaper Property Times, magazine "TOPStroy", magazine «For the future moms», «Phoenix Press Ukraine».

May 13th Ruslan Kukharchuk spoke to the students at the Kyiv Mohyla Academy, at the invitation of Professor Lyudmila Filipovich. He reported about duties of The Novomedia Association and also covered religious themes in the secular media. He answered all the questions that students had.

May 17th, President of Novomedia Association Ruslan Kukharchuk visited the National University "Ostrog Academy". He was giving away the certificates to the students who have passed the educational course about religious journalism. There were 48 students from different faculties, who received the document. All of them attended the course and successfully completed the practical assignment, which was to write the text in various journalistic genres or to make a short video. Before presenting the Certificates, Kukharchuk made a comprehensive analysis of the student’s work, and he read some best fragments.

Novomedia has produced DVD with educational seminars of the course" Creation of newspapers and magazines from A to Z". In a video-seminars president of the Novomedia Association Ruslan Kukharchuk tells about the format and concepts of publication, in a various kinds of texts. The editor of publishing house «Phoenix Press Ukraine» Zoya Nikituk is talking about the secrets of a successful interviews and strong titles. The editor-in-chief of “Perekrestok.TV” and Svetlana Kucherenko teaches how to edit the text. An observer of the magazine "Profile" Natalia Konova explains where to find interesting topics, and how to create the best reports. The editor of the “Phoenix Press Ukraine” Lubov Hasanovs tells about functions of the different editorial offices. An experienced editor of "women's glossy" Daria Shalyuta tells about the hard work of the publishing editor. Director of advertising agency "Media Svit”, the designer Vladislav Sila, discovers the secrets of layout and design.

May 21st  and 22nd  the president of Novomedia attended the conference in Bishkek, which brought together bishops, pastors, leaders of public and charitable organizations in Kyrgyzstan. The main speakers were guests from Ukraine such as theologian and pastor Fedor Raychinets, one of the heads who represents “The Institute of Religious Freedom "Alexander Zayats and the president of The Journalists Association “Novomedia” Ruslan Kukharchuk.

May 26th The Novomedia Association held the seminar for business partnership in Kiev. During the short time, the participants have learned the basic principles of PR-technologies; they also learned how to build good relationships with the public and how to create a positive image of the organization in the media.

There was media training at the Youth Conference «4U» May of 28th  and 29th  in Melitopol. Ruslan Kukharchuk the president of The Journalists Association “Novomedia” held four workshops in the second day of the conference. Participants were taught about journalism; how to write informational notes, how to create blogs, how to hold an informational performances and much more.

A special department which is responsible for distribution of educational products started its function in The Novomedia Association. During the long time Novomedia already presents many workshops, seminars and conferences, which were recorded on CD and DVD. All these are unique educational programs in journalistic area, website creation, blogging, realization of PR- strategies etc.

The Novomedia Association held forth great competition of Christian web-sites which started in June. The purpose of the contest is to determine the best Christian web-sites in their categories and provide web-recourses with the boost for further development and growing. This time the winner was determined by public voting and jury estimation. Websites competed in the following categories: Libraries, Bible, Business, Catalogs, Private, Education, Communication and Entertainment, Ministries, Art, Christian media and the Church.

There are weekly informational meetings for Christian media workers in Kiev, since February 2010. Experienced in the media environment speakers have been invited for these meetings. Visitors communicate, share experiences with each other. November 6th Novomedia opened new season for its home club.

September 10th and 11th in Kiev, The Novomedia Association held a forum for bloggers and webmasters which was called "Christianity - Online 2010". That was a first Christian BarCamp in Ukraine, which brought together a hundred participants. For the first time at the conference were 3 parallel groups such as ideological, practical and technical. The winners of the forth web-sites competition were announced at the end of the conference. As a prize they got the certificates and free web hosting.

Anastasia Rybak from Zhitomir, a member of The Novomedia Association, leader of TV program "Alternative", was named one of the best journalists of the year. The competition for the best journalist of Zhitomir region ended September 19th, where overall result has been made. The author and creator of the TV program "Alternative" is a member of Novomedia Max Kochubey. Reminder, the contest has been around over 10 years already.

October 13th, the president of Novomedia visited East-Ukrainian National University named after Volodymyr Dal in the city of Lugansk. The meeting brought together about 60 students from various courses of the mass communications faculties. The main topics of the workshop were civil journalism and religious themes in the media. Ruslan Kukharchuk encouraged students to participate in creative competition from Novomedia on the topic: “Life of the various Christian denominations in the region". Hour and a half meeting was held in a very lively rhythm. After the lecturing Kukharchuk answered all the questions students asked. He also held a press conference for local journalists and gave live performance for TV channel IRTA.

Association of Christian Journalists, Publishers and Broadcasters "Novomedia" held seventh annual conference in Donetsk on November 5th and 6th.  The Forum gathered 130 participants from all of the regions of Ukraine, and guests from Russia, Belorussia and Latvia. Also more than 60 colleagues joined the event because of online broadcast. Editor-in-chief The Moscow Times, Andrew McChesney and pastor, TV-presenter Gennady Mokhnenko became special quests at the annual conference from Novomedia. Because of the conference in the eastern region of the country, many people were able to learn more about The Novomedia Association.

Novomedia people agreed creatively cover the family values ??in the media over the next year. Specifically for discussion this subject, a lot of media workers opened thematic pages in social networks. They reports to the office of Novomedia about their programs and materials. They also post information on the web-sites.

From 21st to 26th of November, at the second International pastoral retreat of the Kiev Jewish Messianic community Ruslan Kukharchuk held a separate block. He analyzed the character of the modern informational society and the use of the activities of churches and communities of modern informational technologies.

December 5th was special because of the national prayer for the media in Ukraine. Reminder, The Journalists Association “Novomedia” initiates the annual national prayer for the media starting from year of 2006.

December 10th, The Novomedia Association and the President Ruslan Kukharchuk held press conference at the National University of Taras Shevchenko in Lugansk. The meeting was focused on the special topic "Religious literacy for the secular journalists: a joint project of The Novomedia Association and Ukrainian Universities." Valentine N. Galich, Head of the Department of Journalism and Publishing, Professor, Doctor of Philology also took part at the conference.

On the 22nd of December, Ruslan Kuharchuk, president of Novomedia, and Andrey Makarenko, who is a news leader on Channel 5 and a member of the Association held a special discussion for students in the journalism department in the National University of Oles ‘Gonchar in the city of Dnepropetrovsk. More than 70 students were gathered from different faculties. The first and main topic was: “The coverage of religious themes in secular media.” Ruslan Kuharchuk described the main problems in this area of activity. He gave interesting examples of facts of manipulation in television plots. Andrey Makarenko directed everyone how to get to the central channel and how to affectively work there.

Media activity of Novomedia people

Board member of the Novomedia Association – president of InVictory Sergey Velbovets and Novomedia person, PR-director InVictory Sergey Sergienko lectured at the large media conference in the U.S.A. During the forum, they shared with participants their experience in media ministry. For the practical part the participants learned how to write news, how to take interview. They also learned how tocreate blogs, and how to manage print and electronic publications.

Board member Andrey Makarenko in the context of the festival "White Nights" held TV school. Participants created a news channel "White Nights" and every night they broadcasted their video clips. Andrey together with Natalia Polyakova (TV-Channel 5) taught TV mastery and editing. They also have corrected all the mistakes.

Valentine Kritsky, a member of the Board of Novomedia, press- of All-Ukrainian Organization of Evangelical Christians Baptists organized a seminar about press-center in the city of Khmelnitsky, were Ruslan Kukharchuk took his part as well. In the press service of Khmelnitsky: TV channel "PODILLYA-CENTER" initiated plot shootings about billboards with Bible verses in Khmelnitsky. The Press-service had been asked to comment the following links: (,, They also have held the action "Happiness is miraculously" with news broadcasting of the political channel interview with Sergey Briksa (well-known Christian singer). In the interview he shared how he became Christian.

The Press-center in Kiev: initiated the declaration of performances of psychics on TV. News about it has appeared on the web-sites listed above, and also in the Institute of Religious Freedom. There was news published about deportation of bishop Vyacheslav Nesteruk from Uzbekistan, telling that there are religious prosecutions. The news was also published on UNIAN in the section of “Human Rights”. Council of Churches initiated the declaration about oppression of the rights of believers, and also about dangers of their life.

From 17th to 20th of June, there was a festival "Time to live and serve" on the shores of the Azov Sea. Novomedia person Zoya Nikityuk spent the hour and a half holding media block entitled: "Let's be friends with the media or how to become the Leopold".  More than one hundred participants were able to learn why the churches and religious organizations need to be friends with the media.


In January evangelistic TV program "Your Life", which broadcasting in the regional public television, in the city of Vinnitsa, celebrated the 15-year anniversary. There are active Novomedia people in the team of TRC "Pilgrim", Alexander Baranov and Svetlana Kucherenko.

Max Balaklitsky, the member of the Novomedia Association in Kharkiv, directly participated in the conference entitled: Days of informational technologies «ITDays» (Dnepropetrovsk, March 27th and 28th, 2010). He also lead workshop at the conference "Christianity Online (Kiev, September 10th, 2010),"Media Mobilization” (Irpin, November 13th and 14th, 2010), "Challenge” (Kiev, November 19th, 2010). (A detailed summary of the informational department of the Eastern Conference in Dnepropetrovsk for 2010: )

Ilyana Filenko, member of Novomedia from Simferopol, is in charge of the media ministry at her church. Their team started to shoot videos plots for the church with elements of report. A short instruction was held for believers of their community, which helped to understand the secrets of monitoring the media through a special form on the website of Novomedia:

Active Novomedia member Svetlana Kucherenko held a series of media workshops and master classes for Christian youth in the summer camp of the Vinnitsa region. In April, Svetlana became one of the speakers of the seminar "Christian Media" on the 17th International Youth Conference of Pentecostal Churches of Baltic and Poland, in Vilnius (Lithuania). In July, she participated in the youth camp of the United Church of Evangelical Christians in Belarus, where she had opportunity to teach the basics of the journalism and the importance of coverage the current events. TV-news, newspaper and the radio functioned every day in the camp. There was an appeal to become part of the media ministry of the Pentecostal Union of the county, at the last days of the camp. There was also a special prayer for those who choose to serve the Lord through the media. In October, Svetlana Kucherenko helped to organize a new edition of the newspaper "Skrizhali" in Minsk.  

Studio director of Dolphinmedia and president of Cherkasy group of the Novomedia Association Alexander Yarmolaty lead the TV school in Kherson. He also held a master class for students of journalism in Cherkassy National University. The Novomedia Association became a partner of conducting the first school in Cherkassy television.

Christina Rudnitskaya is doing a really active job working with the media. To highlight environmental problems she writes in her thematic blog in LiveJournal. She also succeed in bringing the Catholic Church in Ukraine to participate in the global climate campaign 10/10/10 – that was a day for united prayer of the Churches for the safety of the environment. A couple of video clips and TV stories were done, according to the results of the event. According to journalistic observation in the past year and a half, the media more and more started to cover environmental issue.

Irina Medvedev is press-office KEMO, and a member of Novomedia. During the last year, workers of the press-center KEMO: 

1) expanded its presence community of KEMO in the media space.  Send news, reports and videos for Christian Internet resources. 2) Created informational brochures in English and Russian??. 3) Held PR company to the 15-th Anniversary of KEMO.4). Took part in the Interchurch project "March of Life ". In the press-center of March created a plan for a media campaign for Kiev and other cities who participated. Promotional video clip from “March of Life” was posted on the CNL, PEREKRESTOK.TV, InVictory;  held a press conference for journalists of the secular media and worked with them on the march as well.

Media Activity of Zhitomir’s Novomedia group

Promotion of the TV program "Alternative" is one of the main activities. Reminder, the program "Alternative" is a secular program that was created by Novomedia people from Zhytomyr region. The program is focused to uplift the moral and ethical Christian values in the society.  During one year the program has gained its position in the Media of Zhitomir. Representatives of local and regional authorities, well-known Zhitomir’s and Ukrainian politicians, parliamentarians, representatives of different public organizations, journalists, and priests of different Christian denominations were at the studio of the programs as guests.  

Members of the Zhitomir’s Novomedia group:

- became the initiators and active participants at the anti-alcoholic project (there was a broadcast of social anti-alcohol advertisements in the regional breakout of the national channels);

- have become active participants in organizing new regional TV news on the channel entitled “Tonis";

- collaborated with the Zhytomyr’s region broadcasters in posting news of the Christian themes.

- were in charge of covering and promoting the campaign "March of Life " (the creation and posting of news stories on the two channels of Zhitomir, articles online publications, production that subject in the program "Alternative").

- created a new TV program "Answers”. This is a weekly Christian youth program which involves pastor of the church "Testament of Jesus Christ" Alexander Dehtyarenko. The program is available on the channel "Tonis" in the Zhytomyr’s region, as well as on the web site

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